How to choose console repair in Leeds?

console repair leeds

PC Hubs Leeds Offers You Premium Console Repairs in Leeds Area

“Bring Your Console to For Repairing”

PC HUBS LEEDS is a very qualified team that offers you the premium Console Repairs Leeds service from West Yorkshire in the UK with a decade of experience in repairing. In that time, we have created a huge amount of stock allowing us to offer you the same-day repair service. PC HUBS LEEDS was acquired by Repair Lab Leeds Ltd and has now been blended.
Our qualified Repair specialists can resolve your minor including major issues on all gaming consoles typically within the hour. As we know the common issue with the Sony PlayStation 4 is its deterioration of a poorly designed HDML port. Most PS4 come in for HDMI port replacement; because of the volume of fixes on these play stations, our experts have now the ability to supplant your HDMI port within 60 minutes.

PS4 and Xbox One Repairs

We can preferably repair and fix all major and minor faults with practically every game control console in presence. We particularly have some ability in PS4 HDMI Port replacements, we can do these in barely an hour. Our qualified Skilled team doing countless PlayStation and Xbox repairs in the repair industry added to his repertoire they think about and totally fit for restoring any gaming machine whether of how seriously damaged it is.
The most broadly perceived failure on the current generation of consoles is the HDMI port severing after delayed use, we agree the PS4 HDMI port fails to impress anybody as far as its resilience, it is no partner for the load-bearing limit of the PS3 port.

We are not ones for paranoid theories yet rather our incredible doubts are that the port was deliberately incapacitated. This got together with the removal of the part port leaves an essentially shocking design decision by Sony of Japan. You need not concern at any rate as our port reattachment abilities will ensure the port’s dependability is improved over the original default weld.

Diagnostics Issues

PC HUBS LEEDS staff offer free diagnostics for all consoles including the PS3 PS4 and Xbox One, whatever the issue whether it is HDMI or something else we can offer you a cost to fix all kinds of diagnostics on the spot.

Software Problems

Sometimes the current game consoles suffer from software corruption, this is usually the result of the failure of HDD, we can reinstall the OS to get you back up and running it smoothly with quickly.

Blue Ray and Laser Related Issues

Maybe the most notable fixes we lead and issues as per either the laser failing or drive failing to appropriately read the disc, we usually keep all parts in stock so any drive-related issues can usually be fixed in just hours.

Upgrades Your Console

The all-advanced age of console can have various updates done to them; we can redesign the storage drive to an SSD drive which brags much quicker stacking times for your games.


A wide range of current generation of the game console has issues with debris and residue creating inside the homes, this can be cleared with the gears of the drive of oil in addition to the compressor to ensure it is smooth running after your console has been maintained by our in-house specialists it should run really like new.

Same Day Service

The professional team of our technicians has a decade of experience in repairing, is based in-house this promises you insignificant downtime as we can usually fix the majority of faults within the same hours; in only 60 minutes.

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