Top 3 Free Logo Makers Without Watermark

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Today this post will talk about the logo. Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money from the internet. That’s why someone is making their website; someone is making a youtube channel, and someone is working on Instagram. A logo is needed to make the website look good. Then you make a logo from someone, spend money, search the internet, et a paid website, or a free website, but after creating the logo yourself, after doing all the hard work, when the logo is generated or downloaded at last. If so, the watermark of the free website comes with you. Then you get frustrated, and then you make a logo by paying money.

Don’t be disappointed today. This article will tell you about the top 3 websites which are absolutely free, in which you will not have any problem while making a logo, you will be able to make a free logo according to your mind, which will be the logo in your mind. You can make the same logo. On these websites, you will not get to see any watermark, and you will be able to download the logo in a png file.

Best three logo makers to design without watermark

Without wasting much time, let’s talk about the top 3 free logo makers.


DesignEvo, much loved by many, is a freemium logo maker. You can use it on your browsers as long as you can connect to the internet. Besides,  it is available for both iOS and Android. DesignEvo includes over 10,000 logo templates to choose from with hundreds of beautiful fonts. You can customize the size, color, opacity, light, and more. If used with social media, the clarity is satisfactory. 

To design your logo with DesignEvo, you can enter the keywords to search the certain logo templates. Suppose your business is about mobile, then you can choose the best-suited mobile logo template to customize.

Best of best, you can download your logos unlimit for free in 300X300px in a Zip file.


Simple, search it in google and write it in the search. After searching  Canva, you open the first link that will come.

Now you log in to this website, either create an account of Canva or direct sign in from google. After signing, you will get the option of the logo in it, click on it, then you will see the logo on the left side. You can design by selecting the logo of your choice.

You can give any color, and the special thing about this website is that you can create your own logo by uploading your image or any image in it. When you download and make a logo, you will not see any watermark in it.


You can also write logomakr by going to search in simple google.                                                                                                                

When you search it, then open the link, which will come by clicking on it. You do not need to register on this website. It is also absolutely free to use. There will also not be any watermark on it.

The special feature of this website is that it has more than one million graphics. Graphics means that you have to make a logo of a computer to make a logo in search of icons.

If you do a computer search in the search, you will come across many computer graphics, in which you can select any graphics of your choice and design your logo and go to the text and give any text, you can change the color to font change. And can design a perfect logo. After downloading, you will not see any watermark in the logo.


As said above, though there is a huge amount of logos makers that could be used for free, and some might have the watermark. And these three logo makers make your logo file without any watermark, so if you need to start your logo design, you can try all these tools.

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