7 Reasons Your Boss Hates Logitech Wireless Headsets

Plantronics bluetooth headphones

Logitech wireless headsets are designed by manufacturers to provide efficient quality. Companies use them to achieve maximum productivity in the offices. They provide an amazing range. They have soft ear pads that provide you comfortability. Their compatibility with devices is exceptional. Still, there are still some reasons people don’t like these.

In this article, we will explain why bosses and employees might dislike them:

1) They Are Expensive:

One of the main reasons these wireless headsets are disliked by people is the pricing. People don’t like to buy overpriced headphones. They are usually used for office setups. Call centers require lots of them. Busy work setups are in dire need of buying them in bulk quantities.

But their price makes them change their decision. They are not a miracle for what they are charged for. Costly headphones which have to be used in daily life are a big no for companies and brands. The price of the headgears must match their quality as well.

2) Low Battery Life:

Another drawback of these headgears is their low battery life. Wireless Headsets must have long battery life. They are used in offices. For long discussions between clients and boss. If the battery dies between the conversations, it will irritate both parties.

Communication without the low battery sign from both ends makes online communication better. Workers dislike this feature because they have to use the headgears for long periods. If a gamer is using them for long sessions of online games, a suddenly dead battery will decrease their performance.

Similarly, online calls and meetings will be interrupted by its low battery power. People have also complained about its continuous charging issue. When a gadget does not have a good charging capacity for long periods, it might become useless. With a low battery issue, you will have to charge your phone over and over.

3) Not Enough Noise Cancellation:

In call centers, everyone is making dozens of calls regularly. It is a necessity to use headphones that eliminate all the background noise. Plantronics wireless headsets for sale are available online with exceptional noise cancellation. If the noise is present, you will not be able to hear what your customer is telling you.

Customers think that you are not interested in listening to their problems. This can directly affect the reputation of your brand. You cannot use them in a noisy environment. They cannot provide complete noise cancellation. You can use them in a silent room. One of the main reasons why they are hated is because of their insufficiency to provide a noise-free background.

4) Leather Ear Pads:

The headgears need to have ear pads in them. For long hours of gaming or working, you need something to cushion your ears. They have ear pads present around the earpieces. The problem is the composition of these ear pads. Leather is the main part of their composition.

Leather is soft, and it provides comfort. But it is notorious for making you sweat as well. Leather makes a thick layer around the earpiece. It provides cushioning to the gamer’s ears. But if the gamer is using it for 10 hours, he will start sweating. This is a major downside of these headgears.

5) Functionality Issues:

People in your office might hate using these headgears because of the functionality issues. It has many connectivity issues with devices. The USB receiver might not work properly. People are complaining about the port issues.

When you are using these headphones, you want them to work with one hundred percent efficiency. The repeated functionality issues will cause damage to your firm. The volume controls are not stable as well. You can hear the noises and voices even when you are wearing them and listening to music.

6) Bluetooth Instability:

The main reason why people are attracted to wireless headgears is because of the blue tooth. Wired connections are stressful, and no one likes them anymore. But if the blue-tooth feature is not working out well, it is a total waste. People have complained about it too many times.

If you move from your room to another, the statics will change quickly. You will observe that the connectivity sign will become unstable. If your headgears are connected to a device, and you are attending an online meeting, they can get disconnected anytime. It will be an embarrassing movement. The poor range of blue-tooth is what makes people dislike it a lot.

7) Excessive Distortion:

The volume controls of these headsets are not stable. With the blue-tooth instability, excessive distortions are also a problem. The purpose of wireless headphones is to stay away from all the noise. Distortions and sounds of clicking in between your important conversations can ruin the quality.

The terrible noise cancellation and increased distortions at higher volumes are not a good thing. These headphones pick up all the unnecessary ambient noises and add disturbance in clear communication. People don’t like to use it in offices or for professional purposes because of distortion.

Final Words:

Logitech wireless headsets are known for their DECT technology combined with blue-tooth technology. Besides their amazing features, they have some downsides as well. They have low battery life and excessive disturbances. If you are looking to buy them free from all these drawbacks, you must visit FindHeadsets. These are known to provide the best quality headsets for all kinds. They provide exceptional customer service. They know how to give their customers reliable products.

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