Adding the Pentair Everpure H104 to Your Home


If you are concerned about your home’s water quality, filtering your drinking water prior to consumption is a great option. Not only is filtered water obviously going to taste better and have health benefits, but it also can save a lot of money compared to the cost of bottled water. If you have been considering purchasing a dedicated water filtration system for your home, then you should consider the Pentair Everpure H104.

When most people think about a home water filter, the first thing that comes to mind is probably one of those chunky filtered water pitchers. While these filters are usually pretty cheap, that’s where the benefits end. One of the biggest downsides to using these pitcher filters is the fact that they need to be refilled constantly, requiring daily labor. The filters used in pitchers only last about a month or so before needing to be replaced. On top of that the media in these cartridges has to be loose enough for water to pass through easily, severely limiting their effectiveness.

If you want a water filtration system that offers great results while being extremely easy to use, then a dedicated under sink filter is always going to be the best option. One of the best brands when it comes to these home filtration systems is Everpure by Pentair. Everpure filters can be installed without any prior plumbing experience and are connected directly to your home water line. This means that they operate under the same pressure as your shower and kitchen sink. Operating under pressure means that they can use fine filtration media.

The Pentair Everpure H104 filtration cartridge is packed with their proprietary Micro-Pure filtration media. This filtration material is arranged along a pleated filter membrane, maximizing the surface area while also promoting a fast flow rate from the filter. This media is also able to remove contaminants as small as half a micron in size. That includes harmful contaminants like lead and biological cysts that can cause disease.

Adding an H104 to your home is a quick and easy process. All you have to do is add a home in your sink or countertop to install a small faucet that will serve as a filtered water dispenser. The fact that you can choose your own faucet means that it is easy to add an Everpure system to your home that will match the rest of your kitchen.

Each H104 filter cartridge can filter approximately 1000 gallons of water. This means that most households will be able to enjoy a full year of freshly filtered drinking water before needing a replacement filter cartridge. The cartridge should be replaced at least once per year to maintain optimal system health, though you may need a replacement sooner if the flow rate from the filter significantly decreases. Luckily the process of swapping out cartridges only takes a minute or two per year, a lot less labor when compared to daily pitcher refills.

The first step to adding a new water filter to your home is to find a reliable place to purchase one. Luckily has a huge selection of Everpure filtration systems including the Pentair Everpure H104. They also have a team of filtration experts who are always happy to assist their customers however they can. If you need help finding the perfect filtration solution for your home, pay them a visit and explore all of the great options available in their online store.

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