Finding the Right Bong for Sale


Having a good bong is essential, especially for anyone who smokes frequently. If you are looking to add a new bong to your collection of pipes, it’s important to understand the different options available before you make your choice. While there are countless bongs for sale online, there are a few simple factors to consider when making your choice.

How a Bong Works
Bongs are relatively simple devices but they are definitely more complicated than your average handheld pipe. Most bongs are made from borosilicate glass just like hand pipes. This inert material doesn’t add any flavor to your smoke and can handle the heat of smoking. In order to use a bong you just pack your herb into the removable bowl, insert it into the downstem, and light the bowl while inhaling through the tube. By passing the smoke through water and having a large internal chamber, these pipes manage to cool smoke effectively while offering a large hit of smoke.

The Basics
If you want a quality glass bong, there are a few basic things you need to look for before buying. There are lots of different bongs for sale and they are definitely not all created equal. If you want to buy a high quality bong, one of the most important things to look for are ground glass joints. These frosted glass connectors where the bowl meets the downstem and [sometimes] where the downstem meets the bong, are always a good sign. Some bongs used built in bowls or glass slide connectors, but these tend to be lower quality pipes. Ground glass connectors are standardized, so pipes that use them will be compatible with common accessories and replacement parts.

Once you know that a bong is well built, you will want to look at how it filters smoke. The points of filtration are known as percolators or percs and there are countless different perc designs. Some bongs will even have multiple percs to offer additional filtration and cooling ability. Percs that produce large amounts of smaller bubbles will offer superior cooling and filtration compared to bongs that have less refined percolators.

Draw Resistance
The trade off with superior filtration is draw resistance. Pipes with intense percs and multiple percs can have a much higher degree of draw resistance. This means that it will be harder to clear all of the smoke out of the tube. While it may seem counterintuitive for smokers to go with less percolation, a simple set up like a straight tube bong with just a basic diffused downstem will be much easier to hit than a similar bong with a row of additional percs in the tube. The best way to understand how much draw resistance you can handle all comes down to trying different types of bongs.

Another thing to consider when choosing between different bongs for sale is their cooling ability. Water will help to cool down your smoke, but many quality glass bongs will also have a pinch in the tube that will hold ice to further cool your smoke. Some very high quality bongs will also have freezable condenser coil sections of the tube that will offer amazing cooling ability.

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