WordPress themes for doctors, dentists and other practices


A clean website and cool colors – mostly white, gray and black. These two points are most likely to be associated with websites from the medical field. Accordingly, it is of course also important that the selected WordPress theme is designed for this area. But let’s first see what else is important.

Why doctors and dentists need a website

In the case of doctors and practices, it is very similar to that of lawyers and law firms. You can come up with a large amount of expert knowledge and thus have virtually unlimited possibilities for search engine optimization.

In addition, the medical field is one in which emergencies and needs arise again and again. Opening times, availability dates, ratings and reviews from previous patients and, above all, any emergency services are absolutely necessary in order to be seen on the Internet.

What should be on the website?

With regard to the point of evaluations from previous patients, many practices are already faltering. But those who work transparently and openly and are not afraid to receive negative criticism from time to time will enjoy a high level of trust on the part of new customers. Often it is only small issues, such as waiting times, that lead to negative reviews. 

Conditions that cannot be changed directly with a corresponding request, as these evaluations are subjective. But what else shouldn’t be missing on the website? Like other guest post websites have? Opening times and any emergency services have already been mentioned, these are particularly important. Photos that show not only the team but also the practice facilities build additional trust. Often, selected WordPress themes are already provided with placeholder images, these should of course be exchanged.

FAQ and appointment booking for patients

An FAQ area pays off in a wide variety of areas. For example, because there are questions in the areas of dental hygiene, cosmetic surgery or general medicine. Here, too, the principle of building trust is used. This can of course be expanded in detail in a blog, it is worthwhile to focus more on a lot of content!

Almost the most important thing for doctors and dentists is the ability to book an appointment. There are various WordPress plugins that are then best integrated into everyday practice so that there are no overlapping appointments. A connection to the in-house system is not possible without the involvement of a programmer – and this is not just about web programming.

Then it depends on which subject you have specialized in. Physiotherapy, for example, is an area that raises many questions when it comes to the first appointment. Here it is a good idea to create a checklist for the customers and publish it on the website.

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Keep the website up to date

Health crises also often offer spontaneous opportunities to create more content. A current example here is the coronavirus. White papers with tips on prevention and what to do if you think you might be affected bring a lot of people to your website. There will then also be many who come from the surrounding area and will therefore visit the practice at the next opportunity.

If there is a high volume of customers, it is useful to point this out on the website. If a certain procedure has to be carried out for new patients – for example a questionnaire to be filled out – this can be combined with the online presence. For example, by making it available here to be filled out in advance.

Why WordPress is the right system

WordPress in particular offers many options and, associated with this, a high degree of freedom in terms of content. This not only affects the themes, but also the plugins used and thus additional functions. As a doctor has to concentrate heavily on day-to-day business, a CMS is required that can be maintained with just a few pushes of a button. WordPress also offers the option of automatic updates.

WordPress themes for doctors, dentists and medical practices

Soon you will find my recommendations for suitable WordPress themes for doctors, dentists and other practices here. Until then, you can browse the list of the best WordPress themes , which include Enfold or the popular Divi theme. With all of the recommended WordPress themes, you can create a good and successful website.

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