Guide To TikTok Ads: From Setup to Reporting


TikTok is an emerging social media platform that has based its success on short-form content and is immensely popular among Gen- Z and Millenials.

Advertising on this platform has shown an increase in brand engagement and brand awareness. 

To leverage the power of TikTok, what does one need?

A Tiktok Ad Agency knows your brand well and how to leverage the power of Tiktok for your business.

Here is an ultimate guide to TikTok ads.

Firstly your agency can start by making TikTok ads through the TikTok For Business page, information about the brand or individual has to be provided, and once it is approved, you can commence by following these steps-

Create a Campaign: Select the campaigns tab and click on the create button. 

Select an Objective: What do you want to achieve with these ads? Select these objectives that correspond to your business goals carefully and then align them with your advertising campaigns on TikTok. 

Name the campaign and set the Budget: After you have named the campaign, you can clearly define the budget. Your campaigns run till the set budget amount is met. 

There are three types of budgets you can choose from-

Lifetime budget: You can set the entire budget at once that you are willing to spend, and it will be distributed within the time range, but it will not be even like in a daily budget.

Daily budget: The ad delivery time is limited by the amount you are willing to spend, which enables the ad campaign to reach the targeted audience at an even pace. 

No limit: This budget lets TikTok know the budget you are willing to spend. At every ad group level, you can set spending limits.

TikTok Ad Group: Create an Ad group on TikTok for the campaign that will define the following things:

Placement: You can manually select where and when your ad campaigns will be shown.

Creative: You can automate your ads’ images, text, and video ads with the assistance of Automated Creative Optimization.

Target: Who is your target audience? You can target with the use of demographics, by device, etc.   

Budget and schedule: Set the time and budget for your campaign.

Bidding and optimization: Select your bidding and optimization options for your ad group as to what your goals are: conversions, clicks, or reach. 

Create an Ad: The final step is to create an ad for your ad group, upload it to TikTok ads Manager, and then submit it for approval and track your results.

Reporting: Now that the ad is launched, the next step by your TikTok Ad Agency will be to measure each campaign’s performance and ad group and optimize results to increase Returns on Ads spent( ROAS).

A dashboard also shows the campaigns, demographics, ads, and ads group that helps measure results.

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Like Facebook, TikToks is an emerging platform for growing small businesses. With an organized way of working, TikTok has become the most trustworthy platform for running ads. The best TikTok Ad Agency will optimize the ads and help create ad campaigns that will ensure maximum returns.

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