Which precautions should the patient follow before the hair transplant?


According to the cosmetic surgeons who carry out a hair transplant in Punjab, “If 50% of the outcomes of the hair restoration procedures are dependent on the skills and the expertise of the doctors, then the other  50% of the outcomes are heavily dependent on the patient’s ability to carry out various precautionary measures which are mandatory to make the hair transplant procedure a success.” Do you want to know which measures are responsible for triggering you to say that paying for the hair transplant cost was worth it?

So in our today’s article, we are going to talk about the after-care measures which everyone who has undergone hair transplantation needs to follow:

Sleep in the right position

When we sleep in the night hours, then our sleep ranges from 6 to 8 hours. It is a great amount of time. So in this period, you are required to be conscious about your recovery. Make sure that you are sleeping in the correct position. The correct position of sleeping is the one that allows you to keep your head elevated as it is the only way with which you can make the blood flow at the normal rate to the scalp.

Follow the right dietary habits

When we are talking about the right dietary habits, then we are talking about the food items which are known to be highly nutritious for the scalp and the transplanted hair follicles. When we are in our recovery period, then our part-to-be-healed requires the desired amount of nutrition to function and come up with the required structure.

Do not engage in any kind of the strenuous activity

It is advised to the patients that they should not get indulged in any kind of strenuous activities as these are responses for causing you to sweat and make your body exert. Both conditions are not good for the transplanted follicles.

The sweating will lead to the dislodgement of the hair follicles and the exertion will not allow the transplanted follicles to become adapted to the condition of the scalp.

Do not miss the follow-up sessions

After the hair transplant procedure, the doctor may schedule the follow-up sessions for you YOu are required to show up in all the follow-up sessions and miss none.

Do not take the stress

The recovery period is supposed to be the relaxing period in which the patient should not remain worried about something. So no matter whether it is the recovery from the hair transplant procedure or the other medical procedures, you are not supposed to take any kind of tension or stress.

Do not wash or oil your hairs

For the initial first two weeks after the surgery, the patient is allowed neither to wash the hair nor to oil the hair. When the doctor will suggest you do so, then you are required to follow the recommendations of the doctor which means you should only use the shampoo and the oil which are suggested by the doctor to use.

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