What are the tips to enjoy your meal at an Indian restaurant for the first time?


If you are a food lover, then you try to explore new places. In that case, have you ever tried to have Indian food? If not, then this article will talk you through the top tips to have the best time when you visit the Indian restaurant in Seattle for the first time. Indeed, it is one of those cuisines which can give your mouth a burst of flavors and you will be in awe… when you have Indian food for the first time. Here are some of the considerations which you should keep in mind when you go to an Indian restaurant in Kirkland.

  • Make sure to order the appetizers

Indian cuisine is filled with an abundance of appetizers. Indeed, you are going to be amazed when you order the appetizer as there are different options and each of them is prepared in a different approach. While having any cuisine for the first time it is important to have something which can completely excite the taste buds. So, make sure to start with the appetizers.

  • Sharing is caring

Indians are shown their joyful and giving nature. Make sure when you visit the restaurant with your Indian friends, you share food with others. Indians consider food time as family & friends time, where they get to bond with others and make memories. So, to enjoy the true essence of Indian food you should share food with others.

  • Do not always go with a buffet

Buffets are exciting but not for the first-timer. As there are already several things and if you try to go with this option you will confuse yourself. So, make sure that you order the individual dishes from the menu to try the Indian food.

  • Have an understanding about the common ingredients

One thing about Indian cooking is that many of the dishes have similar or you can key ingredients. It is better that you have some basic information about the same so that when someone tells you about the ingredient you should know what they are talking about and you can order what prefers you the most. Some of the common food ingredients are:

  • Bhindi – Ladies’ Finger
  • Aloo – Potato
  • Mutter – Green peas
  • Channa – Chickpeas
  • Palak – Spinach
  • Gajar – Carrot
  • Gobi – Cauliflower
  • Paneer – Cottage cheese
  • Murgh – Chicken
  • Jeera – Cumin
  • No need to only go for chicken in non-vegetarian dishes

It does not matter if you only eat non-vegetarian food and you prefer to have chicken. When you visit an Indian restaurant, you need to try out other non-vegetarian food options. Indian cuisine contains a lot of non-vegetarian options which are worth every bite and they are filled with amazing flavors to delight your taste buds.

  • Order as per your spice tolerance

Make sure that you order as per your spice tolerance. Keep in mind, not every Indian dish is spicy but yes some of them are, which might be difficult for you to eat and enjoy. So, make sure when you order the food you consider this thing.

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