What are the best types of oil for deep-fried chicken? How to choose one?


Choosing the best type of oil for frying chicken

Fried chicken is one of the most beloved recipes by everyone around the world. Since the 1800s it has been served in the restaurant. This chicken type is known for its crispiness from the exterior and juicy interior from the outside. But, how all this is possible. It is due to the oil used for the deep-fried chicken. People love this delicacy due to several reasons and chefs ensure to make it with perfection by using the oil of the right type. In addition, people love to have cajun chicken which is also made with perfection by ensuring its preparation is done in the right approach.

How to choose the best oil for deep-fried chicken?

Oil is available in different types and each of them has a different cooking approach. If by chance you go for the wrong one then it will not give the chicken the best taste it should have. There are 3 major things which you have to consider while getting the deep-fried chicken, which includes:

  • Flavor transfer
  • Smoke point
  • Oil flavor

What are the best types of oil for deep-fried chicken?

Here are some of the best cooking oils which are best suited for frying chicken to get the best taste and flavor:

  • Vegetable shortening

Smoke point: 360 degrees

If you would like to make the type which your grandparents used to make on every special occasion then this is the best choice. Once it’s heated it will melt and it is also used as a substitute to make chicken in the South.

  • Lard

Smoke Point: 370 degrees

It is kind of the same as vegetable shortening and it is a traditional approach to make fried chicken. Frying the chicken in this oil will give it a different and best taste. Moreover, the crust is more crispy than you expect it to be.

  • Peanut oil

Smoke point: 450 degrees

Peanut oil is one of the easily available oil types. Indeed, its smoke point is high which makes it best to make the deep frying chicken. In addition, it won’t create problems in transferring the flavor which makes it the best choice to make different types of fried food.

  • Canola oil

Smoke point: 400 degrees

It has a high smoke point and is known for its neutral flavor which makes it the best choice for this type of chicken. Moreover, this oil contains the right amount of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 which makes it the healthier choice.

  • Coconut oil

Smoke point: 450 degrees

Coconut oil contains healthy fat and lauric acid in the right amount which makes it the best choice for deep-fried chicken. Coconut oil does not have any odor & flavor which helps to protect the chicken and it will not transfer the flavor.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure to pat the chicken with a paper towel before adding it to the breading to make sure it gives the chicken a nice texture.
  • Let your chicken come to room temperature before you fry it. If you fry it directly taking it out from the fridge then it will not give it the proper fry.
  • Make sure to drain the excess oil which will make the chicken crispy.

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