Chinese Chicken Salad with Sesame Dressing


A Chinese chicken Salad is a quick, fresh, healthy meal, that has the potential to become your go-to alternative to takeout. With its crunchy romaine, wontons, almond crunch and packed with protein chicken breasts is a great meal and would definitely satisfy your healthy cravings. It literally takes only 20 minutes to prepare, so it saves you time and satiates your hunger.

Maybe fried wontons wont sound healthy but moderation is key, so as long as you watch the number of wontons that go in your salad, you will remain in the healthy zone. Same goes for salad dressing and pasta or noodles that you choose to top your salad with.

The Chinese salad is an easy meal to prepare for the week, if you are a working individual who does not get time to eat clean or workout this meal is perfect for you. All you need is romaine lettuce, chicken breast, green onions, sliced almonds, fried wontons and have this ready to go salad meal prepared within minutes.

You can always play around with the ingredients; Mandarin oranges will add a great tangy touch and crisp cucumbers will give it that crunch, you can even add some pasta or noodles too.

Sesame dressing is toasty sweet and versatile since it compliments not only green salads but many other dishes too. For the Chinese salad, sesame dressing is the crucial ingredient, it is very easy to make and takes a few minutes to be stirred into shape. All you need to do is gather together a list of ingredients and whisk away.

You would need, grapeseed oil, seasoned rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, light soy sauce, sesame seeds, fresh ground pepper and kosher salt.

So, assembling the Chinese Chicken salad is very simple, first you have to fry the wontons until they are crisp, place them on a paper towel to get rid of the excess oil. Next, mix together the romaine, chicken breasts, green onion, almonds and Mandarin. Once you have everything assembled pour the Sesame dressing over it and sprinkle it with fried wonton and sesame before you serve.

If you are short on time, then a store-bought rotisserie chicken will save you some extra time in the kitchen. Moreover, you can buy MamaLan’s Sweet Sesame Dressing to save yourself some more time and give your salad additional taste. Its available on Amazon and you can literally get it the next day and enjoy your delicious Chinese chicken Salad with Sesame dressing.

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