Tips to Prepare your Child for Primary Schools in Noida

Schools in Noida

Schools in Noida

Primary Schools in Noida is the first step of any child towards formal education after preschool and just before secondary school. Preparing children for primary school is a big task for any parent as the child will experience completely different situations like longer school hours, larger class size, many subjects to learn and multiple activities to perform, etc

So how to prepare your child for these sudden changes that are introduced with a primary school admission?

Here are some tips that will help parents to make their child’s experience better.

Prepare the child for longer hours

With sudden changes; the routine life of most parents, especially children, is disturbed. It is seen that most children are not “used to” spending long hours in school.

Parents should start preparing children for this change in advance by changing their routine or putting them in activities that call for longer hours of engagement. 

Talk to them

Sharing your own experience, letting them know how things are going to be in school, will definitely prepare them in advance and make them comfortable.

Give them tips on how to make new friends, how to be safe in school and ask them what they would like to do in primary school.

Attend orientation session 

Orientation sessions are where the parents and children are explained about the school environment, introduced to teachers and facilities available. It is a great opportunity for children to acclimatize with the school environment, other students, teachers, classroom, play facilities, etc which will make your child more excited about the first day at Schools in Noida. 

Don’t show them your Nervousness

More than the children,  parents themselves are worried about how their little one will manage alone in the bigger world but don’t let your child know about this anxiety. Make sure that you sound excited and give assurance to them that they will enjoy their primary school and make new friends.

Let them Choose

Let your child choose their bag, bottles, tiffins, pencil and drawings kits and other new accessories that will make them feel excited about the new beginning along with boosting their confidence.

School Support

At many primary schools, teachers offer a smooth transition to new joiners; they are assigned new buddies, shorter classes for a few days in the beginning, fun activities are planned to offer an enjoyable start to the students.

Take the example of Global Indian International School which is one of the top international schools in Noida. The primary year’s program in GIIS  is designed to be a joyful experience for students where their physical and mental growth is accelerated. The teacher helps students in academic and non-academic activities and makes sure that information passed to them is measured and engaging. The academic teaching methodology in GIIS is related to the concept of rising higher and going deep which gives children a good balance of imagination and understanding.

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