Tips to Get Your Child Prepared for APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship Program

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship

GIIS Noida offers the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship every year. These scholarships have greatly helped high-performing students from needy, minority communities to advance their education. For that reason, it is crucial to know how to prepare you and your child to improve their chances of winning it.

Here are several tips to help your child qualify for the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship.

1.   Start a Scholarship Discussion

Usually, students find it hard to focus on activities that are likely to win scholarships. Start by simply having a talk about it; communication is the base to solving any problem. Introduce the idea of a scholarship, why it is important, how it helps them and what they can do to qualify.

2.   Encourage Your Child to Participate in Tech 

The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship specifically targets tech-savvy students. The world we live in calls on technology to better our lives. As more kids grow up with technology and develop a keen interest in it, some will eventually take it a step further by developing gadgets and tech solutions to everyday problems. These are the innovative students the scholarship targets.

To ensure your child is eligible, have them participate in STEM, SOF, or robotics Olympiads and aim to be among the Top 10. This alone qualifies them for the highest scholarship award, which waives 20% off their tuition fee.

If they are among the Top 20 participants, either in a group or as an individual, they qualify for 15% off their tuition fee. Students among the Top 30 in these STEM, SOF, or robotics Olympiads, or who rank Top 10 in any national or international tech competition by IT giants like Google and Microsoft, qualify for a 10% tuition fee waiver. 

3.   Motivate Your Child to Achieve Good Grades

Encourage getting good grades, even if it means coaching your child at home. One of the main criterion scholarship administrators use during the selection process is the student’s academic performance over a period of time.

Explain the importance of grades even if your child is part of a co-curricular activity. Show the relationship between good grades and winning a scholarship. Similarly, remind them why they need a scholarship and how it helps both the student and the family. This will help motivate them to study and improve their chances of qualifying.

To ensure you don’t put too much pressure, give your child a range of grades to aim for, rather than a specific one. This gives room for flexibility and helps keep them motivated if they struggle with a subject. Additionally, relieving the pressure encourages a positive attitude towards studying and attaining higher grades.

The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship inspects results from the last two years, so your child should start their study habits early. Besides good grades, they also need to have a published document, thesis, paper, or project on technology to strengthen their chances of being selected. Work with the school to see how they can achieve that.

4.   Get Involved with Volunteering

Look around your community and note where you and your child can volunteer. Voluntary work not only looks good on applications but also helps your child develop a sense of community and of giving back to the less fortunate. 

This shows the scholarship administrators that your child cares for others, is a team player and will be a valuable asset to the GIIS community.

Preparing for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills scholarship isn’t a one-day affair. Take your time to help your child attain the right grades, participate and win tech competitions, as well as gathering the other supporting requirements.

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