How to Make 12V Kids Car Faster: The Simple Guide

12v kids car baterry by tobbi

Upgrading the battery, electric controller, or custom fabrications is a simple way to make Kids car move faster. Custom fabrications require the skills of a professional, but they are a viable way to increase Kids car speed. You should give the car a makeover to rekindle your child’s interest in it.

For kids, kids car are a lot of fun. Children, including big guys and ladies, fantasize about cars and motorcycles. Their kids car are just like every other bike or vehicle to them. If you were a kid, the car’s pace, speakers, and other features would surprise you.

However, you will gradually lose interest and become bored with your same old and sluggish power wheel cars. In today’s fast-paced world, everybody craves speed; no one, including children, enjoys running slowly.

That’s when you’ll know you need to upgrade or replace your kids car. However, you can be unsure of how and what to do. But don’t worry; we’ve covered all there is to know about modifying kids car to make them travel faster than normal.

Aren’t you, the children and their guardians, already seeing the magic in a flash? In this blog, we’ll show you how to transform your slow and steady kids car into superfast engines in a variety of ways. The modification method is suitable for most of electrical ride on car, Tobbi is no exception.

Since the race isn’t always won by going slowly and steadily. A power wheel can be modified in four stages: battery, electronic speed controller, custom fabrication, and then tricking it out. We’ll go through them in more detail later.

How can I speed up my kids car?

According to Rob Fusi, a mechanical engineer based in New Jersey, there are four stages to modifying a mini car or any other power wheel. Battery modification, electronic speed controller, custom fabrication, and finally, tricking it out are the steps. Yes, if you follow these four basic steps, your car will accelerate beyond its usual speed. Please describe these four measures in detail:


The battery is the most basic but most critical component of a Power Wheel. Your car will run smoothly if the battery is in good working order. If your battery is weak, your car will be slow as well. This is how the battery works, so how can Kids car be modified to go faster while using the battery?

It’s really easy, and it’s even the simplest way to change things. First and foremost, increase the voltage of your battery; a few volts should suffice. The majority of Kids car and mini cars come with 12-volt batteries, which can be upgraded to 5-volts. To put it another way, convert your 12-volt battery to an 18-volt battery, then Phew!! Feel the acceleration of your mini-car. The Kids car can also last longer between charges if the battery is upgraded.


Now we’ll move on to the next stage, which is the electronic speed controller. What exactly is an electronic speed controller, exactly? An electronic speed controller is essentially a system that tells the battery how much power to send to the wheels. The controller, as the name implies, is in charge of both the battery and the wheels. An ESC is simply an on/off switch that you must manage.  

You can either build your own ESC kit or purchase one. It’s also not difficult to make; all you’ll need is a Razor Scooter’s speed controller and other components such as wires, cables, pedals, and so on. Duct tape the kit and car together until they’re done. The ESC kit adds realism to the driving experience. You can power your car however you want with your kit.


Oh, my goodness! After that, we’ll move on to one of the most powerful and genius ways to change your slow and steady Power Wheel. Before we go any further, can you tell us what custom fabrication is? Creating metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling the various pieces is what custom welding is all about.

The majority of people change their mini cars by changing the gearboxes to direct drive motors or motorcycle engines. And with this change, your mini car is prepared for almost every path or obstacle. It can then run anywhere, including off the lane. Also, since it can turn into a superfast car that is difficult to control, make sure that your children are in charge of the keys until they reach the age of 16.

If the Kids car’ tires don’t have good traction, they won’t go very far. There are ways to improve tire traction so that they hold the ground and don’t waste any of the valuable battery power by sliding, which is important if you want your ride to go!

Lifted Kids car look great and have more space between the plastic wheel well and the tires.

Once you’ve had the Kids car rolling, you can add a brake pedal so you can do power slides around turns and stop much faster.


Here’s the last stage of modification.  At this stage, you just need to make your car look as good as possible.  This stage is all about decorating and checking up your Power Wheel.  Isn’t it fun?  To decorate your car the way you want, you can make it fancy, gorgeous, cool, or funky by adding accessories and other things.  

As you’ve installed an electronic speed controller in your device, then you can wire some accessories like the reverse buzzer or a virtual sound stimulator.  Also, add some cool gadgets and even paint the ride on.  

Along with this, you can also decorate it with LED lights, neon lights, or small cute bulbs, and Yes!  Don’t forget to lay off some of the lights in the rough in the backside.  Voila!! your superfast Power Wheel is just now ready to use, haven’t you imagined how cool it’s going to look?

Governors and How to Adjust Speed on Kids car | Lock Out Screws

Different gears are available on certain Kids car, which can be modified. This is done by the manufacturer so that the ride-on can be set to slow before the child becomes used to it, then switched to hard.

The Dune Racer Kids car is a good example of this; to adjust the direction, you must find the shifter. Remove the lock out screw from the side of the shifter, then transfer the shifter to a higher position to improve speed, then reinsert the screw while keeping it in that position. 

How can I speed up my 12V Kids car?

Here’s the same question as before, with the same answer. Changing the voltage of a power wheel’s battery is the fastest and safest way to change it. Depending on your preference, you can convert a 12-volt control wheel to 16 volts, 18 volts, or more. And do you know what the most fascinating and significant aspect of this is?

It is that by tuning your kids car at home and on your own, you can make them run faster. What you’ll need is a 12-volt battery and a battery of your choice. To begin, connect both batteries in sequence, then cut or trim the extra part to make them fit properly, then fit and wire the batteries, and finally heatsink them. Heatsinking is not needed.

Check the governor to make sure it wasn’t set to the lower level; most of these have two speed options; if this is the case, simply toggle the switch to increase the speed.

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