Jar of Fears – A Teaching Tool For Pupils’ Common Fears

Jar of fears

The jar of fears is a great teaching tool for assessing pupil fears and teaching coping strategies. Depending on the type of fear, there are different sheets to complete for each fear. There are also videos available for different types of fears. You can use just one jar, or create many. You can also find jars on Pinterest.

It is a visual tool for assessing pupils’ fears

Jar of fears is an effective visual assessment tool that helps teachers identify pupils’ common fears and provide a coping strategy for each fear. Excessive fear can cause adverse effects on pupils, including disruptive, aggressive, and withdrawn behaviour. To tailor your interventions, use jars to identify pupils’ most common fears and find out which ones they are likely to experience again.

The Jar of Fears is a visual assessment tool that can be used during pre-intervention or as part of an intervention programme. Teachers can use a range of different coloured sheets to correspond to different phobias, and choose the right jar for each pupil based on the phobia that they are working on.

The Jar of Fears is an easy way to assess pupils’ fears. The jar of fears can be used before and after interventions to teach pupils coping strategies. Various jars can be used – one for each type of fear – with different numbers. There are videos and printable sheets available to help teachers create the jar of fears.

It can make a popping sound

If you’re worried that your child might make a popping noise when opening a jar, you’re not alone. This is a common fear among children aged 8 to 12 years. According to a study conducted by Lesley University, this jar can reduce children’s fears and improve their self-regulation. In addition, it can calm children who are coping with a mental illness.

It helps pupils overcome fear of the dark

The Jar of Fears is a visual tool that enables teachers to assess pupils’ fears and develop strategies for coping with them. It is especially helpful when dealing with fears that involve the dark. The jars can be coloured differently to represent different phobias. Teachers can then match jars with corresponding fears in the classroom.

The Jar of Fears can help pupils to overcome their fears, which are often the result of childhood experiences. It can be customized to suit the age of pupils and classroom environment. It is important to start with small steps and make them manageable so that children feel confident taking on new challenges. It can also help motivate pupils to persevere with the challenges.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with the fear of the dark is to be understanding and compassionate. Do not become frustrated or ridicule the child’s feelings. Reassure them that they are safe and there are no monsters or other creatures that will harm them. If your child still refuses to go into a dark room, you should make the room as calm as possible by moving the furniture around. The Jar of Fears is a useful tool to help pupils overcome their fear of the dark.

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It is a horror game

Jars of Fears is a fun and challenging horror game in which participants are exposed to real-life situations in which they must decide whether they are scared or not. The game helps participants visualize their fears and also provides valuable life skills, such as coping skills for various fears. This game can be easily adapted to different classroom settings and allows teachers to motivate their students.


The game features cinematic camera choices that help create an authentic horror movie environment. The game features a wide variety of jump scares, which are usually confusing, but also help create a real sense of fear. The game also features cheap jump scares, which generally involve a mummy or zombie or a creepy doll. In some cases, the game will even make use of a light source to add a sense of dread.

This horror game also has a retro aesthetic. The graphics and sound help create an atmosphere and evoke a sense of dread. The game also features the first-person perspective. The player must find a way to escape the horror-filled environments.

It can be made with one or several jars

The Jar of Fears is a classroom activity that can help pupils learn how to deal with different fears. It can be made with one or more jars and is a great way to get students involved in learning about different coping strategies. There are several different types of jars and sheets available to use.

One of the most common fears children have is the fear of the dark. This activity can help your children learn how to cope with this fear and to overcome it. This can be done by setting up a classroom and getting your students to line up behind their jars.

Another way to teach students how to overcome their fears is by letting them try out the various scenarios in the Jar of Fears. For example, if your child has a fear of the dark, they can create a scenario where they must escape the dark and avoid the monsters lurking there. This type of activity can be played individually or in groups, and it promotes teamwork and cooperation. It also teaches students how to face their fears.

It is based on a Rudolf Rempel experiment

The novel Jar of Fears is based on an experiment by Rudolf Rempel, a German physicist. He conducted an experiment in which people were forced to open their eyes and imagine something frightening. The result was a powerful psychological thriller. Rempel was a man who was fascinated by the human mind and whose experiments were highly regarded at the time. He created a novel based on this experiment that would become one of his most popular novels.

In 1893, Dr. Rudolf Rempel discovered a new way to preserve food in glass jars by heating them. Rempel’s experiments had the desired effect and he died in 1893. His invention was then taken up by Albert Hussener who launched a company that produced glass jars. Unfortunately, the company failed due to lack of advertising. However, he sold his patent to Johann Weck, who eventually developed a lid for the jars.

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