Incredible Road Trips in New Jersey in an Exotic Car

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If you are looking to explore Garden State, renting a car is a smart choice. You are independent and can take any turn or road as you like. You stand no chance of getting stranded on the road, waiting for a cab. Moreover, as you go deeper into the lush terrains of NJ, you would certainly want to be in a private vehicle.

There is a reason why New Jersey is called the “Garden State.” It has a rich agricultural history. At the same time, it has its share of glamour and sophistication. So, it is easy to rent exotic cars. People here are into experiencing the lavish side of life while still being in the lap of nature.

Driving on and off roads of NJ

The best way to know NJ better is to rent a car, especially the luxury variety. A swanky Bentley Continental GT Convertible or a classy BMW X6M is the thing to go on the roads or off-roads of New Jersey, particularly the Duke Farms. This is sprawled in 1000 acres and is a treat for the eyes. Beautiful gardens, excellent architecture, and soothing waterfalls greet you here.

Whether you rent a Bentley or any car that fancies you, New Jersey roads are ready to welcome you with their scenic beauty on both sides.

Driving on the highest road of NJ

The highest road in New Jersey, Monument Road, is 1800 feet from sea level. You can access it from Scenic Drive road in High Point State Park. Cars like the BMW X6M promise to give you a great time with their powered engine and ability to glide on climbing roads.

This road trip is a beautiful mix of adventure, awe, caution, and enjoyment all thrown together. If you wish to explore more such terrains here, ensure you are in the right vehicle.

Esteem exotic car rental in Paterson, Jersey City can help you choose the right car for your road trip.

When in New Jersey, no time to get bored

New Jersey is a wonderful place to be with your luxury car. It lies between Manhattan and Philadelphia. New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware are in close proximity to NJ.

If you plan your trip correctly, you can visit all these states, which are just an hour or less drive from NJ. This is where your own vehicle comes in handy. You need not depend on public transport or wait for cabs. It consumes time. With a car, you simply take off.

And with a luxury car, you don’t simply take off; you sail on the roads like magic!

So, what are you waiting for? Search “exotic car rental near me” and plan a road trip of your life.

Requirements for renting

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Credit card
  • Matching insurance
  • Age above 21

With the above in place, nobody can stop you from renting your dream car in minutes.

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