12 Warning Signs of Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction

12 Warning Signs of Opioid Addiction that Say You Need Rehab Urgently

Regular use of opioids alters the chemistry of your brain. This affects your behavior, your thinking pattern, and the way you feel pleasure. The brain becomes so dependent on this external stimulus that it stops producing pleasure chemicals on its own. It “waits” for the opioid to “strike a chord” with it.

That’s the reason it is tough to stop taking opioids once you start taking them.

If you are struggling with your addiction, drug rehab in New Hampshire can help you. Their comprehensive detox and therapy programs can help to kick off even the toughest of addictions.

Warning signs of addiction

  • You are compelled to use opioids regularly.
  • You get an overpowering urge to take opioids. You cannot think of anything else at that moment.
  • With time, you find you must take a higher dose than what you took before to achieve similar effects. (This indicates you are developing tolerance – a bad sign).
  • You spend money mindlessly on drugs, even when you are short of money or are in debt.
  • You are obsessed with opioids. You talk about them, think about them, plan your next “high,” how you will get the drug, and so on.
  • You do not hesitate in lying, cheat, or steal to get the drug.
  • You can even become violent, in case somebody stops you from getting or using the drug or talks of dialing the number of the addiction hotline.
  • You have no remorse for your inappropriate behavior as long as you get the drug.
  • You use opioids despite experiencing health issues.
  • When on a “high” you get an urge to do things that you would not do otherwise, such as driving at high speeds, having sex with strangers, and others.
  • You tried to skip using the drug once but had such terrible withdrawal symptoms that you started using it again.
  • You just can’t help but take opioids.

In the above case, please search “rehab near me” for help.

Avoid attempting to De-addict on your own

You might think you can go off opioids anytime you want. You are so wrong! Opioids “grip” your brain’s pleasure center in such a manner that you can’t help but look forward to taking your next dose.

Even if you do manage to skip taking the opioid for a day or two, you would experience strong withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, this can be life-threatening in nature, if not supervised medically.

Moreover, the nature of the symptoms is such that it makes an addict too overwhelmed to continue skipping the dose. In this situation, you know nothing but to reach for your opioid dose.

It is hard to De-addict fully like this. This isn’t called recovery.

You need a proper opioid withdrawal program to go off the drugs forever. You also must restore your physical and mental health, without which you are more likely to relapse. Think of de-addiction as starting a new life.

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