How to Write SEO Friendly Content in This Blog


How to Write SEO Friendly Content in This Blog

Hello friends welcome, friends in our blog today, how to write SEO friendly content in this blog, all these articles are going to give you information in this article. To use, how to write SEO friendly content.

If you want to rank your post in search result in Google, then it is very important for you to write SEO friendly content on your blogpost. Friends, but writing this blogpost SEO friendly content is not easy, if you want to write SEO friendly content. So you have to think very well.

So in today’s article we will tell you how to write SEO friendly content.

If you write as many articles as you want, you start with Paragraph, Content and Heading and write a blog post with your own hard work, even then this blogpost written by us appears in 4-5 pages in Google Search. is | Even after writing a blog post with such hard work, it does not rank, then this thing is very bad for a blogger.

How SEO friendly content To rank this article, it is very important for you to write SEO friendly content. If your article gets ranked in Google, that means your article ranks on the first page in Google, then a lot of traffic starts coming to your website.

If your article gets ranked in Google then it is a big deal for a blogger because if the article gets ranked then traffic starts coming to your website. And all bloggers know that what is the benefit of getting traffic to their blog. Keep writing articles without worrying about you. So let’s come to know, how to write SEO friendly content.

Friendly content and SEO helps a lot to optimize and improve your website ranking. It is also very important if you do SEO Techniques on your website very well.

Writing SEO friendly content means that it is necessary to optimize your blog post according to Google search engine. And Google search engine can easily understand the SEO friendly content you have written.

How to write SEO friendly content

Most of the new bloggers do not know what SEO is. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And you are writing this article SEO Friendly Content. That is, we are writing our blogpost according to the search engine. And on which topic this article is being written. That through our article, we optimize well for Google Search Engine.

That is, if you write the best SEO Friendly Content, then traffic starts coming to your website. How SEO friendly content If your article comes on the page before searching in Google, then there is a chance of getting more visitors to your site.

If your article is ranked on the first page, then the rank of your website increases. This is the advantage of SEO Friendly Content. You are providing whatever content the visitors want through Google. | And the more visitors come to your site, the more there is a chance of increasing income.

You do a lot of hard work for the traffic lane on your site. And you write SEO Friendly Content in a good way and even after working so hard, your blog post comes on 3-4 pages in Google search.

SEO friendly content Keyword Research

If you write articles in your blog, first of all you have to do keyword research.

This question must have come in your mind that what is this Keyword Research. Because of this, you don’t need to conceive. This is not rocket science. If you want information about anyone, then you write any Sentence in Google. And we search, that is what we call Keyword.

As you search in Google how to earn money from blogging.

What we have mentioned above is called keyword, and you will now have trouble which keyword will be right for your blog, research all these keywords in Google, for you have free tools available in Google, you have to use them like: –

Google Keyword Planner
Soovle Tool
WordStream’s Keyword Tool
Google Ads Display Planner
You can do keyword research for your blog in what we have told about the tool for doing keyword research, and in which the competition is less and the same keyword is good for your blog, and the keyword you have written in the article is the same in Google. Rank will be

First of all, you have to do keyword research of the blog and without doing keyword research you cannot make your article SEO Friendly content. If you want to write SEO Friendly content for your blog, then you have to do keyword research. And if you write articles without doing keyword research, then such content will not rank in Google search engine.

Researching keywords is very important and important to write SEO Friendly Content in blogging. Whatever keyword you have selected, the same keyword should be Low Competition and High Monthly Search.

If you want, you can also write keywords according to your blog article, you just have to check the competition in Google Keyword Planner. It is an important thing for the new blogger that you

I mean to explain to you that you must use the long tail keyword for your blog article and if you want to use the short tail keyword of your blog, then it will be very good because if you write the article in this short tail keyword, then Google It will be easy to rank in

What are the benefits of Keyword Research

If you do keyword research of the blog, then your blog has many benefits, such as it is very important to do keyword research to increase the traffic on your blog and to rank in the Google search engine.

Here we will tell about important and special topic points.
If you write all the articles for your blog by doing keyword research, then traffic will start coming to your site on more and more Targeted Keyword. And your article will be ranked in Google search engine very soon.
If the article of your blog is ranked in Google Search Engine, then the same is the domain authority of your blog.

If you do keyword research for a blog, then you get a lot of ideas for articles for your blog, with the help of keyword research, you can know the competition of any particular keyword.
No matter how much effort you have to make to gain traffic, you will have to do that. If the keywords of your site are ranked in Google Search Engine, the same is the Ranking Increase of your site.
If you want more and more organic traffic from Google Search Engine for your blog, then you have to research the keywords and write the article first.
If the articles of your blog are ranked in Google, then you can earn from both ads and affiliates in the blog from organic traffic.

Put the keyword in the title of the article

As friends, if you like any topic for your blog, accordingly the title of the article is selected. All of you have to keep one thing in mind that the title in your blog, that keyword should also come in your article.

You should never make such a mistake that the article you have written in your blog is the focus keyword which is “how to write SEO friendly content” and you are writing something else in the article, what you have written in the title post is to be written in your article.

How to write the title of the article user friendly

Write the focus keyword in the title of the blog itself.
Also write long tail keyword in the title itself.
Write in your blog title in such a way that it is easy for the visitors to understand what you want to explain in this blogpost.
Must use Number Years in Blog Title (5+ Best Keyword Tool, In 2021)
If you write a title, do not use a word again in it.
Must write the keyword in paragraph
If you write any article of your blog, then first of all it is very important for you to keep these things in mind, as if you write an article in your blog, then you have to use your Focus Keyword in the first paragraph. It is very helpful for SEO of our blog.

If you are writing an article on any one topic of your blog such as “How to earn money from blogging”, then you have to write the keywords in paragraph according to you.

Friends, I mean that you should also write in the paragraph “How to earn money from blogging”, but it is also very important to keep in mind that you do not have to repeatedly write keywords to the paragraph. You should know that this is Google’s Guideline Against.

Article of Blog Post

If you are a blogger, then you must know that the blog post article is your own, that is, the content is king, whatever article you have written, the better it is, its SEO friendly article.

If you write information about someone, then you should always provide correct information keeping in mind the user and you must highlight the important points in your article so that the visitor can understand quickly.

Use Image Alt Tag of Blog Article

If the free images you have added to your article do not read any Search Engine Images. In this, you have to tell the search engine that whatever images you have added are related to this blog article. You have to put your focus keyword in that image in Alt Tag.

As if someone is related to Make Money online, then you will have to write Make Money online in the alt tag. Because of you writing Alt tag in images, the search engine will know that it is on the topic of images.

If you have your blog in WordPress, then you can add a plugin named SEO Friendly Image and you all have to keep in mind that the size of the image you have added will be as much as your site page loading. Time works in The advantage of this is that if any user does a keyword search in Google, then your image also starts appearing.

Use Heading, Subheading in Blog Article (H1 H2 H3)

If you use Heading and Subheading in your blog, it is called SEO in a way. And if you add Heading to your blog, then the user coming to your blog comes to know what is written in this article and about whom it is written.

Like friends, if you are in wordpress, everyone knows that subheading means which keyword of your blog has to be used in H2 and H3 tags.

If you are using the keyword in H1 H2, then you write a little change in both the keywords like.

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