How To Prevent You Wigs From Tangling?

How To Prevent You Wigs From Tangling?

How To Prevent You Wigs From Tangling?

There are many reasons that may cause your beautiful sew in wigs to be tangled. But the most important thing is how to stay away from these problems.

 Let’s see how you can prevent tangling.

Brush your wig more often

You can never go wrong with brushing your wig as it is one of the best ways to prevent your wig from tangling. However, make sure you brush your hair correctly because brushing it in the wrong manner can end up damaging your wig. First of all, if you want to brush your hair, make sure you use the right brush. The best brush is the wide-tooth comb or paddle brush. They are best for removing tangles. Gently comb your wig from the ends as you move upwards. This can prevent your hair strands from being split. It will also prevent your wig from tangling and shedding. It is best to brush your human hair wig while dry. Brushing your wig when wet can damage it because wigs are very delicate when wet. If you must brush your hair when it is wet, run your fingers through it or use a wide-tooth comb to brush it gently.

Wash your wig regularly

Washing your hair weave regularly is also one of the best ways to keep your wig tangle-free. Wash your wig with clean, running water and apply the wig shampoo to the wig. Use your fingers to gently rub the shampoo onto your wig and then rinse it. Add a bit of conditioner to your wig and let it rest for about 10 minutes then rinse it with clean water. Washing your wig will not only prevent it from tangling but can also bring it back to life.

Don’t sleep in your wig

It is always advisable not to sleep in your wig. That’s because the friction between your wig and your pillow can cause your wig to tangle. So try as much as you can to remove your wig before you hit the bedsheets.

But if you must sleep in your wig, you need to wrap your head with a satin or silk scarf. This will keep your unit in place while also protecting your wig from friction. You can also invest in a satin pillowcase to reduce friction between your hair and the pillow.

Store your wig properly

How you store your UNice wigs can also determine whether or not it will tangle. You need to store your wig properly to prevent it from tangling. The best way to store your wig is to hang it on a wig hanger or a mannequin head. This way, you won’t interfere with the pattern of the hair strands, hence reducing tangling. But if you throw your wig just anywhere or on the ground, it will easily tangle. So if you want to keep your wig in good shape, it’s time you reconsider how you store it.