5 Ways to Find New Customers & Grow Your Global Business

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When it comes to scaling the business to different locations and growing customers, the approach has to be unique and engaging. Whether you run a startup or a mid-sized company, if you are trying to find new customers to grow your business globally, you need to think out of the box. 

As every country’s customers have different preferences and needs in general, you need to adopt a personalized approach while finding them. If you are new to online business and looking for ways to grow your business globally, then we are here to help. 

In this article, we will have a look at the top five ways to search for new customers and grow your business much faster globally. 

Check international sales and traffic

To begin with, log into your website’s Google Analytics account and filter the international traffic and sales. The main goal here is to identify from which countries you are getting the most traffic. And, in addition to this, you also need to figure out what kind of products are hot selling in those demographics. 

Once you figure out these two things you can draft a personalized strategy to target those countries for products that are selling fast. This thing will give you a competitive edge over the competitors and let you grow your audience base faster in global markets. One best way is to make country-specific landing pages and product pages and optimize them with country-specific keywords. 

Use Google Market Finder

Google Market Finder is among the most powerful tools that you should use to build your customers globally. This cutting-edge tool uses a variety of Google’s products to find out potential markets that are based on several sales and demographics factors. It starts by crawling your website and collecting product categories data that you can confirm when it ends.

When you remove or add a category, the tool will use accurate search volume along with the number of other parameters to identify potential markets. Google Market Finder gives you a tentative estimate of the number of searches, the competitiveness of the market, and many other important data sets. Along with this, this tool also offers a number of industry-leading practices to grow your customer base globally. 

Use market diversification tool

The easiest way to find direct buyers for your products without spending on ads is the US Trade Department’s Market Diversification tool. It’s a gold mine to find buyers and dive into trade categories to find market insights. In this tool, you have 11 important key trade indicators that offer suggestions and recommendations. 

Here, all the products are organized and classified based on code, and once you enter a specific code, the database fetches relevant results that can help you make business decisions. You get all the import and export data of the country. Based on the data, you can have an idea about what products the country needs and what the potential buyers’ persona looks like. 

Use government resources

Every country has a specific department that deals with all the foreign trades, imports, and export data. Here you will get all the list of products that are getting imported, exported and you can also check various tenders from the government officials. From the data available on the official websites, you get a pretty much in-depth understanding of how a particular country’s trade preference looks like. 

There are also various trade webinars that you can attend to understand more about how to trade efficiently in those countries. Many governments have lucrative policies for companies from other countries wanting to do business. Even if you don’t want to fill in the tenders, or attend seminars, you will still get a fair idea about what kind of products are popular in that country. 

Focus on local listing

Local business listing is a goldmine for your company to dive into the local market and start building a brand among the local competition. You will find several small and large-scale business directories where you can list your company and products to seek buyers. Or you can choose a suitable SEO packages that help you to list there.

Traders and bulk buyers are often very active on such listings and you can get good traction from the business community. And the best part is that most of these listings are free and you can start trading your products from the very first day. And, if you are planning to establish a physical office in another country then you should also focus on creating a Google My Business account to start generating traction in no time. Ask your international customers to leave reviews on your website and business listing to generate local trust among the buyers. 

Final thoughts

Follow these simple steps to find new customers and grow your business efficiency in other countries. Make sure you do robust research before you start executing these business expansion tips. 

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