Does an Electric Rig Make You Feel Better?

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In the cannabis world, no other process has evolved so in recent times like the usage of an electric rig. Originally, an electric rig was meant for experts and experienced users. However, recent technological advancements and innovations have made it easier for anyone to try using the device.

Electric rig vs the basic dab rig

Electric dab rig is a safer and improved version of the basic dab rig. They utilize a battery instead of a blowtorch and feature an E-nail instead of the normal nail found in basic dab rigs. With the battery, electric dab rigs offer better precision and accuracy when heating dab concentrates.

Some electric rigs feature variable voltage batteries that enable you to customize your hits/ draws as you want. Also, the battery is safer than a blow torch as it is less likely to burn you or create a fire hazard.

How does an electric dab rig work?

A standard electric dab rig has three major parts:

  1. A battery
  2. An E-nail
  3. A glass piece.

The battery provides power for the functioning of the electric rig. Furthermore, the E-nail features a heating element/ coil that heats up to the ideal temperature for dabbing when the battery is activated.

Usually, the dabbing concentrate is loaded onto the surface of the E-nail. The coil/ heating element, in turn, heats the nail which vaporizes the dabbing concentrate. 

An electric rig’s glass piece serves two functions. Firstly, it features a water percolator that cleans the vapor. Secondly, it provides the path for the vapor the user of the electric rig will inhale. This vapor path is vaporizers usually long or big enough to provide for additional cooling of the vapor.

What are the benefits of an electric dab rig?

The greatest benefit that you can get from an electric dab rig is the precise heating of the dabbing concentrate which ensures you consistently get high-quality draws. Basic dab rigs require you to heat the nail manually with a blowtorch; therefore you must determine the ideal temperature to use the device on your own.

Electric rigs do this procedure automatically for you; hence, you do not need to manually figure out the right temperature for dabbing. Some electric rigs come with a range of temperature/ voltage settings from which you can choose your ideal setting. This feature allows you to customize your draws. If you want more flavorful hits, you can go for the lower end of the range.

On the other hand, if you choose a temperature setting that is on the upper end of the range, the electric rig will create hits that are more effective and full of clouds. However, these hits will be less flavorful.

Electric rigs operate as a single unit, that is, they do not require other external accessories like a blowtorch. The only accessory you may need for the device is the dabber/ dabbing tool (a small metal piece that is used for loading the dabbing concentrate onto the heated E-nail. Therefore, it is easier to carry an electric dab rig around, which makes it possible at home and when on the move.

Usually, electric dab rigs are safer than basic dab rigs especially when you use them with your buddies. Nobody getting high should play around with a blowtorch as he or she is more likely to cause a disaster.


Electric rigs enable you to consistently and effortlessly get the taste & the terpene profile of the dabbing concentrate coupled up with smooth hits that are created when dabbing at low temperatures. 

Moreover, the maintenance of electric rigs is relatively simple. Some of these dabbing devices have a self-cleaning feature meaning that the electric rig can clean itself with a simple press of a button. Otherwise, all you need to clean the E-nail of your electric rig is a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. 

Key takeaway

 For the optimal performance of an electric rig, you should ensure it is cleaned regularly. Swap the water in the device’s percolator with clean water as soon as it gets dirty or as soon as possible.  

You should also take good care of the electric rig’s battery. Do not leave overcharging overnight when asleep. 

Nowadays, many brands are producing electric rigs. Each brand has its unique design, shape size, specifications, and features for its product. Consequently, you should always check out the user manual of the device to get the right information on how you can get the most out of the device.

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