Multicolor marriage lehenga plans for the ladies

Picture by ShaadiSaga

Let the tones on your lehenga communicate everything 

Instagram was ablaze when Priyanka Chopra transferred her image of herself in her wedding morning clothing. An excellent multi-shaded lehenga stuck on to her ideal figure as she moved to the beats. This Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla magnum opus of a lehenga got celebrated in light of current circumstances – aside from the way that Priyanka Chopra picked it for her wedding morning, the lehenga was special in the genuine feeling of the term. It was eccentric, with the right kind of bohemian in it. It was ravishing yet not cliché. It was Indian and energetically so. In particular, it was demonstrative of the way that ladies currently need to move away from the regular red and brilliant or maroon and beige lehengas that have been worn in weddings for quite a long time.

So on the off chance that you women out there are passing on to destroy something of-the-crate on your wedding, there can be no greater alternative than the multi-hued lehenga. A multi-shaded lehenga is the ideal combination of custom and idiosyncrasy. 

The Peacock Lehenga 

It was the God of Indian wedding couture – Sabyasachi Mukherjee – who originally made the peacock lehenga to buy lehenga choli in The peacock lehenga accompanies a perfect skirt having multi-hued groups. The pullover and the dupatta are in a shading that stands out from every one of the various tones on the lehenga skirt. These lehengas normally accompany weighty zari work. 

The Gipsy Lehenga 

Need to go totally Bohemian with your wedding look? At that point this is the outfit for you. The skirt of a vagabond lehenga is roused from Rajasthani and Gujarati ancestral style. The shadings utilized on the skirt are differentiating as well as every one is splendid and lively, nearly at struggle with the other. What restrains them are the various sorts of work done on each band of shading. In the event that one band has zardozi work, the other will have gotta patti. By and large it gives the impression of an extraordinary outfit sewn together from pieces from different textures – all of which have a story to tell. In the event that you can convey it, take the plunge! 

Lehengas with Multi-hued Digital prints 

Computerized prints are only here and there utilized on customary ethnic attire. However, an advanced print multi-hued lehenga is a ‘little glimpse of heaven’! Need motivation? Jacqueline Fernandez in a fabric crisscross computerized print multi-hued lehenga choli was all over Pinterest this year in May, best lehenga choli for

Beige Dupatta with Colorful Lehenga 

On the off chance that you need the liveliness of tones in your wedding outfit yet don’t have any desire to get carried away with it, wear a lehenga with a multi-hued skirt and shirt and pair it with a transparent beige dupatta. Beige is a shading that can oblige other more splendid tones without making them look preposterous. 

The Tri-Color Lehenga 

Multi-hued doesn’t mean an excessive number of tones together. You can even game a multi-shaded lehenga on any of your wedding capacities that have the shirt, the dupatta and the skirt in three distinct shadings. These tones should be carefully joined with one another to give an even yet a very dynamic look to the outfit. Blue, yellow, pink go well together. Additionally green, yellow and pink go well together. Blue, orange and pink may likewise be consolidated together. 

Pastels and Florals 

Lehengas in pastel shades and multi-hued flower prints are indispensable as an outfit for pre-wedding morning capacities. Pastel shades like child pink or sky blue or lemon yellow give a mitigating impact on the lady’s outfit. Such an outfit readies every one of the spectators for an exceptionally exquisite lehenga on the wedding night. 

Layered Colors 

We have spoken about vertical groups of tones on the lehenga skirt. Yet, in the event that you are tall, you can likewise go for the ‘even band of tones’ look. If there should arise an occurrence of such lehengas, the pullover, the dupatta and the skirt are taken as an edge together and shading composed to frame flat portions of different tones through and through. A moving hope to convey, it isn’t suggested for ladies with an unimposing casing. 

Dynamic Aztec 

Mathematical examples like Aztec prints offer the creator the chance to play with colors. On the off chance that you need to have various shadings on your lehenga, you can rely upon Aztec designs. Despite the fact that it will make an exceptionally unpredictable wedding look, it will do creative equity with an uproar of tones. 

White Lehenga 

Love tones yet need to avoid any and all risks? Go for a white, grayish or tussar shading (tussar texture) lehenga which has multi-hued plans on it. White and dark commendation each tone! Since you can’t parade a dark lehenga on a wedding occasion, according to Indian practices, go for white! 

Conventional Crafts 

Indian culture and shadings go inseparably. So do Indian conventional artworks. Pashmina, bandhani, kantha – and so on and what streaks according to your brain are dynamic and wonderful shades. A portion of these specialties go very well as wedding couture and on the off chance that you are wanting to parade these you will likewise find the opportunity to wear numerous tones on your wedding lehenga.

1. Aari work 

Aari is a mind boggling type of weaving that started in the Mughal period. It requires incredible ability and multifaceted design. Aari work is done in various shadings on silk. You can get your lehenga made in silk with point by point and beautiful aari weaving on it. It will unquestionably end up being an immortal piece and it will inhale class. You can likewise display a hefty aari lehenga on your wedding night. 

2. Bandhani 

Bandhani is a tie and color craftsmanship that is polished in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Consider Aishwarya Rai in the film – ‘Murmur Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and you will know precisely why we are advising you to wear a Bandhani ghagra on any pre-wedding morning capacity. The tints on your clothing and the brilliant daylight will make the ideal wedding capacity photographs for you. 

3. Jamawar Brocade 

Beginning in Kashmir, a cloak in this extraordinary kind of weave expects a long time to be finished. No, we are not requesting that you wear a cloak for your wedding, however you can get a jamawar roused lehenga woven for you on the off chance that you have the spending plan for it. It’s implied that such perplexing and itemized plans will support the utilization of different tones. 

Crochet Lehenga 

Aside from custom specialties, machine crochet or blended crochet can likewise be utilized on lehengas. Nothing is more rich than an intricate crochet. It has become a typical pattern these days that ladies need to wear lehengas with some part of her romantic tale with their men of the hour, weaved on it. Elaborate weaving requires the utilization of different shadings. So on the off chance that you have a wedding arranged in a couple of months, this is something to go for. You will require the assistance of one or different experts who will assemble your lehenga. In the event that you have a touch of time before your wedding and the spending plan to do this arrangement, you should take the plunge. 

Multi-shaded Jacquard Lehenga 

Jacquard is a unique sort of mechanical assembly fitted to the loom that empowers the weaver to weave out delightful brocade or figured texture. Figured textures and brocade are extraordinary for amassing a lovely multi-hued lehenga. Truth be told, numerous fashioners are utilizing takes from various figured textures to make a lehenga that will be brilliant and imaginative simultaneously. In any case, on the off chance that you are a lady, you should recall that such a lehenga will be hefty and somewhat uncomfortable to haul around. So pick such a lehenga for any pre-wedding capacity that doesn’t expect you to move around a great deal. Certainly, don’t pick it for your sangeet work. 

The Printed Silk Lehenga 

Discussing light lehengas carries us to printed lehengas. Printed lehengas are brilliant, striking and simply ideal for a pre-wedding capacity. Nonetheless, you need to pick the texture appropriately. A printed lehenga in cotton or rayon will look plain on a wedding capacity. All things considered, go for a texture like silk. Ensure you utilize a light assortment of silk-like crude silk. Wearing a printed silk lehenga in a brilliant blend of tones on a pre-wedding day work is an incredible method to launch your wedding. 


The chanderi texture is another light choice for a wedding lehenga. In addition, Chanderi textures arrive in an assortment of tones with rich zari plans. You can gather a chanderi lehenga in the three-shading style. Request that your creator pick three intriguing chanderi textures and utilize one each for the pullover, the dupatta and the lehenga skirt. Pick colors that go well together. Indeed, Chanderi textures come in gritty tones and regular tones. Along these lines, regardless of which shading you pick, it will look great together. You will likewise be feeling amazingly light and ventilated while wearing such a lehenga. 

Kaleidoscopic wedding lehenga plans are as of now in pattern. However, to add that additional wind to your outfit, pick capricious tones. Indeed, we will prescribe you to get carried away with the idiosyncrasy in your outfit at events, for example, the sangeet service, the commitment function, the haldi service and so on On the wedding night, most ladies need to look generally wonderful. Most ladies have envisioned themselves in a ravishing red and gold or maroon and gold lehenga on their wedding evenings. Consequently, the fun and the tones can be held for the pre-wedding capacities. In addition, these multi-shaded lehengas are for the most part light and simple to heft around, permitting you a ton of development and fun on the pre-wedding capacities. 

Be that as it may, while picking a multi-hued lehenga you should be cautious. One can without much of a stretch turn out badly with colors as there is a slender line among ‘vivid’ and ‘peculiar’. We recommend that you take the assistance of a specialist like a style originator or purchase such a lehenga from a shop that has been in the business for quite a long time. On the off chance that you don’t approach any of these, you can rely on us. At Get Ethnic, we have a group of beauticians and fashioners who are upheld by a greater group of exceptionally gifted experts. Our specialists will reach out to you, interface with you on your inclinations and aversions, show you ideas and eventually, give you the lehenga which you had just longed for. So don’t sit around idly and get along with us to pick the ideal multi-hued lehenga for any of your pre-wedding capacities.