Best Types of Packaging – Guide for Importers

Best Types of Packaging - Guide for Importers

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The packaging is of central importance from a marketing point of view. Either you are shipping your product to the other states or importing the products, you will need proper boxing for the products. Take an example of the beauty cream business, the importer of the beauty creams would need the Custom Cream Boxes to give an impressive cover to the product. What other types of packaging that can be used are discussed in this blog and can be beneficial for both the manufacturers and consumers.

Packaging Boxes Types for Importers:

Below are the commonly used packaging types importers mostly use. If you are going to start your startup, this blog will help you. There you go.

Rigid Boxes:

Rigid Boxes are mostly used to pack luxury products like Mobiles, Jewelry, watches, and cosmetics. Why the manufacturers like the box type because it is strong and sturdy. These boxes are stronger than those normal easily folded boxes. The benefit to use these boxes is that luxury products can be protected and projected at the same time. There are printing margins in the boxes and can be customized to keep in focus the product’s requirements. These boxes are not easy to be collapsed and the recycling, reusable aspect of the product go difficult. This is a non-eco-friendly aspect of the packaging boxes but people are using it to protect the product in luxury.

Paperboard Boxes:

A 100% recyclable material is used in the paperboard. This type of box is used to pack small products. The paperboard boxes are reasonably inexpensive and durable in quality. The paperboard boxes can be made at home if you have a complete agenda or captain.

The benefit of using the paperboard boxes is that it will save your pocket, you can mold and size the paper boxes in different designs, shapes according to the consumer product.

Chipboard Boxes:

Chipboard Boxes are the type of paperboard boxes and even more smart and inexpensive. The paper boxes are manufactured mainly in two colors, white and brown. The main use of the chipboard boxes is to benefit the importer by its inexpensive nature. It is a recyclable material so it can impress the customer even more.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes:

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most reliable and perfect type of boxes that are used for shipping and exporting, importing the product in bulk. The corrugated cardboard boxes ensure the safety of the product and give products grace. The printed cardboard corrugated boxes are used for the food shipping and many uses to impact the customer more effectively.

Cotton Bags:

Cotton Bags are the most sustainable, durable, and eco-friendly packaging in the market. If the product needs special and traditional packaging, you may increase the quality of the cotton and can traditionally represent the product. The soft fluffy cotton bags can carry jewelry items, ornaments, and other luxury gifts. The cotton bags are reusable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly packaging idea. It can protect the item from the dirt. The small bags can be printed and branded with your company’s name and logo.

Plastic – For Food Items:

It is a debate these days that plastic can protect food items from coronavirus and every type of germ and should be allowed in days of the pandemic. The plastic coating on the food items covers the food in a very sophisticated way and is used by the importers that import vegetables and fruits. You can use plastic bags, and crates to carry the vegetables and other food itmems. Plastic packaging is discouraged because it is not eco-friendly and not sustainable. But in days of the corona, you can protect your food items by using them.

Foil Sealed bags:

Foil Sealed packaging is also used mostly to cover and seal the food products. But it is also used to protect the electronics too. It protects the product from dust and other bacterias. It is considered inexpensive as compared to the plastic coating so choose the one according to the needs of the product you are importing for your business. The Foil Bags can also be printed with your logo and company’s name.

Use Extra Precautions in Corona:

You are importing products that are a continuous process and will not stop. You should disinfect the packaging boxes you are using or importing along. The product Is directly linked with the consumers and can spread the coronavirus in the region. Knowing the age of the virus on the surfaces of different packaging material, you should be extra concious about this. Pack the products in a corona-free environment, your staff should be wearing masks and gloves and should be using the sensitizers. The Boxes should be disinfected before singing ahead. The shipping process should also be taken good care of.

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