Are you thinking about hair transplantation? What should you know, then?


None of us ever want to see ourselves without hair in the mirror. The individual is more judgemental regarding his looks more than anyone else. This is the main reason that the patients who are suffering from baldness prefer to undergo hair transplant in Bangalore so that they can get their self-esteem back.

But it’s not easy for the patient to even determine whether he should be undergoing hair transplantation or not. He has to think a lot and consider a lot of factors.

No! No! No! It’s not over yet. After determining whether to undergo the procedure or not, the next important part comes off which requires you to invest your energy in finding the right hair transplant clinic.

In this article, we are going to discuss every possible aspect of hair loss.

What exactly is hair transplantation?

From the name itself, we can get a clear idea that hair transplantation is the procedure that requires the hair follicles to be manually placed at the scalp. But now the question arises, from where do these grafts come from?

Then it is the donor zone. A donor zone can be any hairy area of the body that has enough hair to be extracted and placed into the scalp.

Why can’t you take the donor area of some other part into account?

It is because of a constraint. The recipient area (bald zone) and the donor area must have the same DNA. And DNA cannot be matched with any other person.

Which approaches are considered for the hair transplant?

Here when we say approaches, we are considering the techniques of the hair transplanted. Two of the hair transplantation techniques are predominantly used ad which is as the following:

  • FUT

It is follicular unit transplantation. In this procedure, the strips from the donor zone are extracted and after obtaining the hair follicles from them, these are transplanted into the scalp.

  • FUE

It stands for follicular unit extraction which is one of the advanced versions of the FUT. in this technique, instead of using the strips, the grafts are used which are transplanted to the scalp with a special kind of tool.

Is it beneficial to undergo hair transplantation?

Yes, it is. The hair transplantation procedure is one of the most sought hairs restoration methods. The main reasons for the popularity can be the following;

  • It provides the completely natural look
  • It does not let the patients suffer from the lifetime complication
  • There may be the emergence of side effects in the form of the following, but they will get faded away very soon:
  • Scars
  • Mild itching and discomfort
  • The patient can experience long term benefits as the nature of the procedure is long-lasting.
  • The patient now has the reason to give up on the bad habits like the following:
  • Consumption alcohol
  • Cigarette smoking
  • This procedure is inexpensive which means even the middle-man can benefit from it.

Bottom Line

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