5 Unrevealed tips for cooking the best Indian Gravy – By Famous Masterchefs


We have received so many requests from the beginner chefs who were trying their hands on the Indian food, to give them some tips on how to be perfect with the Indian curry. Usually, it was the notion that no region apart from India, could get success in coming up with the best aroma and the consistency of the curry. But the chefs practising in the Indian restaurant in Sydney have proved that this notion is falsified.

In today’s article, we are going to publish all such tips which are necessary for every beginner chef to know to become a pro in making Indian curry. These tips are an extract of the experiences of famous chefs practising in the Indian restaurant in Terrigal.

Use the right kind of the oil

There are some of the Indian food items, which attain the best flavour when cooked in ghee or clarified butter, while there are others that are required to be cooked in mustard oil. Based on the nature of the dish you’re required to choose the right kind of oil.

For example: When it is about the Dum aloo, then they are to be cooked in the mustard oil as no onions are used in the preparation of the gravy. Then to maintain the sourness, the incorporation of the mustard oil is a must.

Heat the spices

The spices should not be left raw in the preparation of the dish, When you are cooking the food, then once you have put all the vegetables which are responsible for making the curry ( onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and chillies), you should put the spices like (turmeric, red chilly powder, black pepper powder and the coriander powder). Make sure that it is infused in the oil and comes out with a great aroma.

Do not cook with the stale condiments

The condiments like the chillies, herbs, garlic and ginger etc, should be used in their fresh state. If you use stale condiments, then you cannot expect your dish to come out to be flavorus and aromatic, as the stale condiments never come out to be the one that infuses the stale condiments.

Consistency matters

The consistency of the gravy depends upon the type of the dish that you are intending to cook’.

For example: In case you are preparing the curry for daal, then it should not be too watery as it will make the dal excessively watery. If you are intending to prepare the same for the dry vegetables like aloo-Shimla Mirch and gobhi-aloo then you can keep it watery as the water will help the vegetables to cook and they will absorb the nicest flavours and the aroma.

Add less salt in the preparation

You should bever put too much salt in the preparation. Consider putting the small amounts in the beginning. You can add it afterwards when the whole dish is prepared. But, if you accidentally put in great amounts of salt, then you can surely aim to balance it with the lime juice.

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