Why even doctors suggest health insurance is important

Why even doctors suggest health insurance is important

The Covid pandemic has all taught us one thing in common, that our health should be prioritized above all. Taking care of our long term health is our best chance to survive future pandemics. Doctors suggest that eating healthy foods and exercising daily can keep us fit and healthy. They also advise that having proper health insurance in place is also important. 

When the pandemic struck, many lost their jobs, struggled to earn money, and used their savings for basic necessities. In such a critical situation, if you become suddenly ill it becomes tough to pay for medical bills.Good health insurance in place in that situation would help us avoid those hassles.

Benefits of Health Insurance:<

Here are 6 important benefits and reasons why you should get health insurance today

  • Protect your hard-earned savings:

One accident or one major health problem can take all your savings away in one sweep. The health industry has so many advanced treatments nowadays that we simply can’t afford them with our normal savings. So health insurance that is customized to each individual in our family (according to their health conditions) is absolutely necessary

  • Financial benefits such as saving on Income Tax:

According to the Income Tax Act, Section 80D, Individuals can claim deductions up to Rs.50000 for themselves and their families for premiums paid for health insurance plans. And a further Rs.75000 if the parents come under the senior citizen category.
To learn more about how you can reduce your tax burden, click here.

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  • Extended Coverage:

Health insurance is not only useful for pre and post-hospitalization charges but can also be used for medicinal bills, ambulance charges/transportation charges, diagnostic bills, Room rent, daycare treatments, vaccinations, etc. At Chola MS, we even cover Ayush- ayurvedic, Siddha, and homeopathy treatments as well.

  • Flexible payment option:

Many network hospitals (check your insurance company for a list of network hospitals that they may have a tie-up with) offer cashless payments where the insurance company directly pays the hospital and you don’t have to spend a single penny. Few hospitals accept payments from you and then the insurance company will reimburse the money to you.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB):

Many insurance companies offer a No Claim Bonus (NCB) if the policyholder doesn’t raise any claims the previous year. You can enjoy bonuses and discounts in the next year’s premium amount. Check out the benefits offered by Chola MS

  • Worry less about Medical Inflation:

With the rise in deadly diseases and pandemics, there can be a sudden increase in inflation in the medical industry. 

Just like most of them struggled to get a hospital bed during the covid times, and the costs were pretty high, we can’t predict what’s going to happen next. 

 Health insurance is a must thing for you and your family so you can worry less about how much it will cost you and get the quality treatment that you deserve.

Now you have a fair idea as to why health insurance is important and why doctors suggest having it. Getting proper and quality treatment is a basic necessity that all should have, That’s why even the Indian government introduced tax savings so that everyone is incentivised to invest in health insurance.

Visit Chola MS to know the different types of policies and benefits we offer for you and your family.

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