When should you consult the fertility specialist? Which is the best treatment?


Do you think this is the best approach in every situation?

Your fertility is not going to wait for you as with age it will see a decline. Infertility is a medical condition that mostly occurs as women and men’s fertility starts to decline. At the right time, you have to seek medical assistance from the best fertility doctor at the leading IVF centre in Punjab. If the doctor suggests you get fertility treatment, then bear in mind the test tube baby cost is extremely less in India as compared to other developed nations.

How much time has it been you are trying to conceive?

In case you are trying to conceive for more than a year but the results are coming the way you expected then it means medical assistance is needed. In case, your age is above 35, then try to conceive for 6 months, and then you have to get medical assistance.

What you should consider while planning to start your family?

  • Medical history

You have to consider your medical history & family history to be sure that chronic disease should not be there. In addition, to make sure there is no problem of premature menopause.

  • Age

If your age is above 30 or 35, then seek medical assistance to understand better what is the problem.

  • Reproductive health

Your reproductive health must be in the right state. In case you are struggling with a uterine issue, thyroid problem, premature ejaculation, sperm disorder, or thyroid problem then you have to consult the doctor.

  • Surgery or injury

In case, you have dealt with a reproductive organ injury or surgery, then also your fertility can be at stake.

  • Lifestyle

If you smoke, drink alcohol, or use any other toxic substance then there are high chances that your fertility can get affected. In addition, if you are overweight or underweight then also there can be an issue.

  • Cancer

If you are diagnosed with cancer or getting cancer treatment then also your fertility can decline. This is why it is important to consult the fertility doctor to understand what are the chances that you can preserve your fertility.

What are the emergencies where medical treatment is needed on time?

  • Your ovarian reserve is declining with each menstrual cycle
  • Advanced age can increase the risk of miscarriage
  • Adjust your lifestyle after you have started your fertility treatment
  • If you delay your fertility screening tests then it increases the chances of getting additional tests.
  • In some cases, there is a need of one than more attempts so that you can conceive

Consult the best fertility doctor

Depending on your condition you should consult the best fertility doctor to get yourself a customized treatment plan. The doctor can suggest IUI, ICSI, IVF, or any other treatment option. So, if you are struggling to conceive for the last one year or so, then schedule your initial consultation with us.

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