What is the Best Callebaut Chocolate Online to Buy?


As a bakery owner, you need the absolute best supplies in order to provide your customer with the best and most delicious products. Your desserts and baked goods need to be both delicious and aesthetically pleasing to the eye in order to keep your customers coming back again and again.

If you are looking for the best online bakery distributor, look no further than Stover & Company. They have a plethora of unparalleled wholesale products for any and all bakers so they can provide the perfect products for their hungry customers.

Picking the right ingredients and supplies to create your baked goods is an important step in the baking process. One ingredient in any form, however, that you cannot have enough of is chocolate. Callebaut chocolate in particular is one you can’t go wrong with and is luckily offered in abundance by Stover & Company. But what is the best callebaut chocolate online to buy? Let’s have a look at the best options of this particular chocolate to purchase for your bakery.

1. Callebaut Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Callets (5.5 lbs)
Having couverture chocolate on standby is key for any successful baker, whether it be dark, milk, or white chocolate. As all Callebaut chocolate is Belgian, these callets from them are perfect for any and all baking needs. The dark chocolate callets have a balanced and smooth flavor with hints of fruit. This chocolate is composed of 52.7% cocoa and is excellent for melting and using in nearly any baked good.

The milk chocolate callets are gluten-free and are 33.6% cocoa. Deep, warm color. Smooth cocoa body. Sweet caramelly notes. It’s no wonder that these particular callets are preferred by chefs worldwide.

The white chocolate callets are another delicious ingredient every baker should be utilizing in their everyday baking. They are 28% cacao and have a milky, creamy, and balanced flavor. There are hints of vanilla throughout them as well. The texture is a reminder of satin, making it even more delectable and irresistible.

All three flavors come in a convenient-sized bag of 5.5 pounds. Whatever your chocolate needs might be, these callets got you covered and then some.

2. Callebaut Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Coating (10 lbs)
If you are looking for a large amount of coating for all of your desserts, then you should really consider adding these coatings to your bakery’s inventory. The dark, milk, and white chocolate options offer a spectacular shine for all of your baked goods. They’re also extremely easy to use, so you are less likely to obscure your culinary masterpieces. As an added bonus, all three use Kosher dairy and are at an inviting price of $28.99 per bucket. You really cannot go wrong with adding this to your bakery.

3. Callebaut Dark, Milk, and White Crispearls
What about adorable, attractive, and delicious decorations for your desserts? The addition of chocolate Crispearls will never be a mistake. Crispearls are chocolate (dark, milk, or white) with toasted biscuit in their centers. They bring the added flavor, texture, and aesthetic appeal to any desserts. They’re classically used on the top of chocolate mousse, glazed cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and even ice cream. It’ll admittedly take a lot of effort to only use them on top of desserts and not eat them by the handful!

Purchasing wholesale callebaut chocolate online won’t be a decision you will soon regret. There are a plethora of options with this fine Belgian chocolate in Stover & Company’s large catalog. Be sure to check out all of their callebaut chocolate online options so you can prep your bakery to turn your hungry customers into happy ones!

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