What is channel glass? What are the various features of channel glass?


Channel glass

Channel glass is termed specialty architectural glass. Its installation is best suited for several places like exterior and interior wall applications. What makes it different is the signature linear aesthetic feature which transforms the entire place like the shopfronts. Moreover, the U-shaped glass channels come with the self-supporting feature and this is the reason they can stand as tall as 23 feet (7m) with relatively lightweight and then in terms of thickness. In addition, these are known for minimal perimeter which offers:

  • Glass walls come with a seamless view
  • This allows seeing anything that is hundred feet long
  • It allows to easily see across the elevations

If you would like to get these glass for your place then make sure to contact the professionals, be it for roller shutter installation, shop front installation, or roller shutter repair in London, or any other service.

What are the features of channel glass?

  • Daylighting

It helps in easy diffusing the light and then it comes with a minimum amount of glare which helps in increasing the total amount of natural light. Moreover, it won’t affect the privacy of your place at any cost.

  • Great spans

Glass walls come with limitless distance in terms of height (goes up to 23 feet) and horizontal manner.

  • Elegance

Then there come the glass-to-glass corners along serpentine curves which provide softness along with the proper amount of light distribution.

  • The extreme level of versatility

Be it a facade to interior partitions to lighting, this will make the best choice.

  • Thermal performance

These come with U-value ranges which are minimal in terms of heat transfer.

  •  Acoustic performance

With these, it is possible to reach a great level of sound reduction and then there is the installation of the insulated stud wall.

  • Seamless

With these, there is no need for vertical metal supports.

  • Lightweight

The channel glass is extremely lightweight in terms of nature. Their thick glass is ¼” which allows them to handle and design it with ease.

The best option for the architectural building

Indeed, this choice is great for the building as it offers traditional opaque building walls. In addition, they can provide great options in terms of size and proportion. The channel glass is self-supporting and 3D which allows it to stand tall in an ideal manner. If you would like to get its installation done then make sure to contact the professionals.

Professionals will give you the product as per your requirement

To create that uniform look that is worth every penny and to make sure your building stands out in a way that you haven’t even expected then the channel glass will be hitting the ball out of the boundary. As a business owner, it is all about choosing something which is best in terms of investment and which can actually make a difference. If you are already looking for one then this is the best choice for you. For further information, you should take help from the professionals and they give all the necessary information on the installation. In case you have a special requirement then make sure to tell the professionals.

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