What Are The Steps To Be Followed As Your Near And Dear Ones Pass Away?

Dead body carrier service

Whenever your loved ones passes away, a funeral service is a must that needs to be followed in order to cherish the memories of the person who has just passed away, But the body is still present. In order to take the body of the deceased person, Dead body carrier service is genuinely required.

Generally in case of a death in a Hindu family, the traditional process of burial service is followed. In order to do that, the services of the vehicle carrying dead body need to be availed. The services of the vehicle play a vital role in this. The modern age organizations that deal with the funeral services to the Hindu families are expert in this field and provide you with you hassle free conduction of the funeral services as well as the last rites of the people who have passed away.

In the Hindu families, generally, the function of the last rites of the person who has already left the earth is conducted within a time period of seven days.

 The entire procedure of the last rites involves many Hindu customs and rituals. A priest is recruited who will preside over the entire function and will preach the words of peace for the departed soul through chanting of several Sanskrit mantras. The family members of the departed soul also play a vital role in performing these rituals

What are the various types of funerals conducted by these service centers?

Mainly there are three types of funeral services provided by these organizations. In the first category, the immediate disposition takes place. Here, the dead human beings are immediately buried. Under the second category, the disposition of the dead bodies takes place within two to three days of the person’s death. In this kind of death, a few things are required like the freezer boxes, helpers and priests. Under the third category falls the pre-planned funeral which you plan much beforehand your loved ones died. These kinds of funerals can only be organized if you want a well organized and memorable funeral of your dear ones.

There can be many places where the function of the last rites can be performed. It can take place in your residences, temples or even in any rented halls this can be arranged according to your own convenience and budget.

There is no reason of thinking that a well organized ritual of last rites of your loved ones will cost you a fortune. The organizations offering these kinds of services do not really charge you much. There are several packages available and you can select anyone according to your own limitations and budget.

The director of the funerals who are the main workers of these organizations, to every necessary work required for the last rites. The decoration of the place where the function is actually taking place, arranging for the transportation to carry the dead bodies the cremation grounds arrangement of flowers arrangement of the priests are all done here.

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