What are magic color-changing nail polishes?

color-changing nail polish

Recently popular magic color-changing nail polish, such as temperature-changing nail polish andlight-changing nail polish, can sense the temperature and change color or achieve a fantastic color change in the sunlight. 

Temperature-sensitive color changing nail polish 

The color-changing material provided by Jinhua Lijin Company: temperature-changing powder, is exactly the material used to make this magic color-changing nail polish. 

Temperature change powder, also known as temperature sensitive glitter, not only has bright color but also can realize the color change from “colored to colorless” state, which is not availablefor metal compound type and liquid type reversible temperature sensitive color changesubstance. The temperature-sensitive galglitter glitter can change color repeatedly as thetemperature rises and falls.

Temperature sensitive glitter 

When applied to nail polish, the nail polish changes color in response to the temperature of thehand, which makes people feel happy. 

The raw material of the temperature change powder does not contain chromium, lead, and other toxic heavy metal ingredients and does not contain harmful substances to the human body, andthe new generation of temperature-sensitive glitter produced by Login, which does not containBPA, is non-toxic and non-irritating to human skin and is fully compliant with food safety level certification. Ladies who love beauty can rest assured that they can use it. 

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The use of temperature-sensitive gold onion powder. 

1, Christmas process: glue (water-based, oil-based) —> sprinkle powder on —> natural drying(drying) 

2, candle process: wax and powder mix ( transparent ) —> cooling forming 

3, ceramic process : brush varnish ( gold oil, glue ) —> sprinkle gold onion powder —> drying —>spray varnish —> drying forming. 

4Iron products process: varnish and powder mixing —> spraying —> natural air drying (baking) 

Temperature-sensitive gold onion powder, commonly known as sequins, gold flakes, silver flakes, gold dots, silver dots, galglitter glitter powder, glitter flakes, gold and silver powder, is made of imported PET polyester film, rainbow film, laser film, cut by precision machinery into a uniformspecification of sequins.

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