Want To Choose The Best Eyeglasses For Kids? Here’s How You Can Do It


Nowadays, it can be challenging to select a pair of glasses because so many options can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. This is especially true if it’s someone’s first set of glasses. The style and design of the glasses can be pretty crucial when selecting the proper frames and lenses, in addition to the prescription and fit of the glasses.

If your child needs glasses to correct vision issues, it’s critical that they like wearing them so they can benefit from and see improvements from prescription eyewear. An eye exam is an initial step in treating vision issues.

  • Start with an Eye Examination

Your child will need to get an eye exam to determine their prescription before you can consider the various styles of glasses available for them. The first part of your child’s eye test will involve inquiries about their family and medical background. Your youngster will be examined by an optometrist who will look for any indications of eye conditions. 

Your child’s eye doctor will also assess their eye teaming, tracking, and concentrating abilities. Then, your optometrist will perform a refractive error test and carefully assess your visual acuity and binocular vision. Finally, your optometrist will evaluate the general condition of your child’s eyes.

  • Frame Size

Some solutions can comfortably suit your child’s head among the several sizes of frames offered. Consider your child’s prescription strength while selecting the appropriate frame size. 

Avoid wearing bigger frames if they have a strong prescription. Together, larger frames and thicker lenses may provide an unattractive appearance and peripheral distortions because of the increased aberrations around the lens’s edges.

  • Metal or Plastic Frames?

Metal or plastic frames can be chosen depending on personal desire. Because they were more dependable, more affordable, and lighter than metal frames, plastic frames used to be the suggested option for kids. 

However, thanks to recent technological advancements, metal frames can now be produced with far greater durability. In light of this, pick the fabric that your youngster finds appealing and is most at ease wearing.

  • Choose A Good Style

It’s crucial for your child to feel confident in their appearance when wearing their first pair of glasses. Your youngster will be less inclined to wear glasses if you buy them if they don’t quite like the way they look.

  • Bridge Fit

By selecting the proper bridge size, you can prevent your child’s spectacles from falling off their nose. Locate a pair of plastic eyeglasses with a bridge that fits better. To ensure a proper bridge fit, alternatively, nose bridge pads are available that may be attached to metal or plastic frames.6. 

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  • Temple Style

If you have a toddler, you might want to think about getting them glasses with extra support that are appropriately fitted to their temples. Temple supports, such as elastic bands that wrap over the back of your child’s head or temple wires that go around your child’s ear, will assist keep their glasses in the right place.

  • Spring Hinges

A pair of glasses frames may extend outward from a person’s head without suffering any damage thanks to spring hinges. Spring hinges are advantageous for children since they increase the frames’ durability and reduce the need for ongoing maintenance on your child’s glasses. Kids are quite active, and if they wear glasses, the frames could get damaged if they aren’t careful. Spring hinges to aid in reducing this issue.

  • Lens Material

It’s crucial to think about the type of material you want your child’s lenses to be constructed of. If you don’t need to buy anything special for your child’s prescription, normal plastic lenses will work just fine. 

Polycarbonate or trivex lenses have the potential to be more breathable, lightweight, and robust than plastic lenses. Additionally, they are UV resistant, shielding your child’s eyes from dangerous UV radiation. Photochromic lenses are an additional choice for your child’s lenses if they have trouble with bright lighting.

  • Prescription Sunglasses

You might want to think about getting a pair of prescription sunglasses if your youngster requires glasses. It’sProtecting yourself from UV radiation when you’re outside is crucial, especially if you have kids. Your youngster should shield their eyes as early and frequently as they can because the effects of UV rays on their eyes are cumulative.

For your child’s prescription glasses, you can also buy sunglass clips. A set of sunglass clips can assist shield their eyes from UV radiation while maintaining the attractive design of their eyeglasses if they already like the way they look.

  • Consider A Backup Pair of Glasses

As was previously noted, kids live active lifestyles and are prone to breaking or wearing their eyewear. When your child’s primary pair of eyeglasses are broken or misplaced, or they get weary of a particular style, having a spare pair on hand can be quite helpful.

FAQs About Buying Children’s Eyeglasses

How Do I Get To Know If My Child Needs Eyeglasses?

Unfortunately, you might not be aware of the truth. According to her, the most crucial thing for parents to comprehend is that their child may require vision correction even if they don’t exhibit any symptoms. They must go to their doctor if they frequently complain of headaches, eye strain, or exhaustion. Some obvious indications to watch out for include squinting, blinking, eye rubbing, and moving closer to books or digital devices.

Children with vision problems frequently have poor fine motor skills and reading difficulties in school. However, children are excellent at concealing illnesses, so routine doctor visits are always advised.

Are Online Glasses Safe?

Online glasses are frequently identical to those you’d purchase in a store or at your doctor’s office, so your youngster is undoubtedly secure when using them. However, because children frequently damage their lenses, parents should always “study the quality of the ophthalmic lens material and be assured that polycarbonate lenses (shatterproof) are recommended for your child.”

How Should I Choose Kids’ Eyeglass Frames?

For children, well-fitting frames are “gravely crucial,” and parents should “critically” consult with a certified optician before placing an online order to determine their child’s right fit. You might not have the appropriate fit if your child’s glasses seem too wide for their face, slide down their nose, or don’t sit straight next to the temple.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the top tips which can easily help you find the best glasses frames for kids online. Lenskart is considered one of the most reliable brands, providing you with the most attractive kid size reading glasses at competitive prices. 

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