Treat Your Hair the Right Way!

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Hair is a good indicator of our general condition. On the one hand, our reptilian brain associates good hair with good physical condition. On the other hand, their analysis dissects our physiological and psychological weaknesses, our excesses and our deficiencies. Hair care process begins at the stage of cleaning. Opt for a mild conditioning or nourishing shampoo which can be easily bought with iherb promo code Bahrain and take out some time to massage your scalp well. Follow with a detangling and moisturizing conditioner, or a repairing hair mask. Finally, before drying, finish with a hair oil to protect your hair from heating devices and add a touch of shine. All you have to do is discover from the extensive range of hair care products of the moment to take care of your hair!

How to Treat Healthy Hair

Top 3 Inexpensive Products for Hair Care

 Smart comb: Slightly elastic, the cortex of the hair breaks if it is stretched too far. Hence this Supersonic tip with wide and soft teeth, specially designed to tame frizzy and curly hair. 
 Washing poultice: Formulated with the same dexterity as a facial treatment, this washing balm with extracts of hibiscus flower enhances the color and heals the scalp in concert. For hair that shimmers in the light. 
 Urban hat: Its precise tip, its light texture with natural extracts of asteracea and moringa make it the ideal shield against fine particles that irritate the scalp and impair hair health. 
 Spray flash: You can find this spray with iherb promo code Bahrain. Spray on damp hair, after shampooing, this feather-light texture mist combines the best fatty acids to shine the fibers and protect them from the heat of drying. 
 Glossy oil: Swiss Army knife style, this oil is applied to dry hair before shampooing, or wet hair before brushing. In both cases, it ensures toned lengths, with insolent vitality.
 Protective sheath: Because the heat damages the fiber to the cortex, this protective spray prevents the capillary heat stroke up to 230 ° C. Hydration and frizz is controlled as a bonus. 

Girls with Curls Curl Enhancer Smoothie

Girls with Curls, curly hair experts, know that what matters is using the right products. This is why the brand has added the new Watermelon Curl Enhancer Smoothie to its Ultra-Hydration collection. This product adds a layer of conditioner and deep hydration to every strand of curly hair. From the first use, dull and frizzy curls will be fully transformed into well-defined curls.

The Pantene Gold Series Collection

For a year now, the hair company Pantene has launched a revolutionary hairstyle line for black and mixed women. The products that were designed by black doctors are expressly made to meet the hydration and repair needs of natural hair, in transition or even textured. The Pantene team unveils the ultimate secret to healthy African descent hair: hydration! In addition, the products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free. We fell in love with the moisturizing buttercream that leaves hair hydrated for 72 hours. 

The Crunchy Beauty Activating

For those who want to buy locally, use iherb promo code Bahrain and shop online for several beauty treatments for hair that are made from natural ingredients. The Activating Mask-Care is also the star product to promote hair growth. If you have hair loss, it is truly a pot miracle that stimulates hair follicles and stop hair loss. Several ingredients such as mustard oil, Jamaican black castor oil, Nard jatamansi essential oil and grapefruit essential oil or mango butter make up this mask that must be applied to clean hair during 15 to 30 minutes. 

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