Top Video Streaming Services for 2022

Top Video Streaming Services for 2022

Do you remember being a part of a world where there were no streaming services? When you could only watch TV at a certain time and that too with commercials? It has become a thing of the past now.

There is no denying the fact that the TV landscape has been changing drastically. Hence, the people can now catch up with their favorite shows, and movies without having to leave the comfort of their homes. But that doesn’t mean that traditional networks are outdated. For instance, a variety of TV channels can still be found on different cable networks. However, a majority of people sign up for streaming services mainly because they have become a primary source of entertainment for many years. Starting from new movies, TV shows, and exciting content, it has become a part of everyone’s daily life. This was made possible with the increasing popularity of Smart TVs.

We have selected some of the best video streaming platforms for you where you can watch all your favorite movies and other video content.

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While other streaming services are popular among people who watch movies and shows, Hulu is considered to be the most liked platform for streaming Live TV. Just like other streaming platforms, you can watch it on Smart TVs, desktops, Google Chromecast, smartphones, and TV sticks. Besides that, it is the only streaming service that can run on Nintendo Switch. 

The most popular channels that you can watch on Hulu include Fox, Comedy Central, and NBC. Also, Hulu produces its original shows to satisfy the entertainment needs of its subscribers. The best thing about this service is that it offers two main membership plans which are Basic and Premium. To get the best experience of using Hulu and other video streaming platforms, sign up for a HughesNet Internet plan.


If you are into watching new series, movies, and shows, then there’s only one streaming service that is the talk of the town and that’s Netflix. Currently, Netflix is, undeniably, the market leader in online streaming services. 

It is, without a doubt, the biggest and best streaming service. Nowadays, even smart TVs come with Netflix apps. When you sign up for Netflix, you experience the top-of-the-line quality of the movies and TV that are mostly streamed in Ultra HD.

Not only that, Netflix hosts the biggest online library compared to its competitors. It allows you to explore interesting content from various parts of the world. These days, even smartphones and consoles have Netflix pre-installed on them. Hence, you would be able to stream content on this app whenever you want. 

Remember that Netflix is one of the few streaming services that upload its content on its app. Some of these shows like Stranger Things have even won different awards. When compared to other streaming services, Netflix shows and movies are much more creative and interesting. 

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Amazon Prime

The second most liked streaming service on the list is Amazon Prime Video. When it was launched in the fall of 2006, it was called Amazon Unbox. Amazon Prime, being the second-largest streaming service, offers you its large library of content. Nowadays, it also produces its original shows for its subscribers. 

The best part about Amazon Prime is the fact that it allows you to stream Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV, TV sticks, and smartphone as well. However, the collection of TV shows, movies, and series is not as big as Netflix. 

To get access to Amazon Prime Video, you must be subscribed to Amazon Prime. What you need to know is that it’s a special subscription by Amazon where you can get a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Premium Delivery Services 
  • Kindle ebooks and audiobooks 
  • Amazon Prime Video

Summing Up

All in all, Netflix and Amazon are best suited for original shows and movies while on the other hand, Hulu is more suited for Live TV shows. No matter which streaming platform you subscribe to, make sure you are using a reliable internet connection like HughesNet. Contact Hughesnet servicio al cliente now to learn more about their internet plans.

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