Top tarot cards spilling the tea about your love life

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The most powerful emotion, love, has no specific definition or relationship between two people. We all are into love or want to be loved by someone. In search of love, we may make bad decisions taking the path somewhere towards heartbreak. Here comes the role of tarot cards. 

Tarot cards are the best guidance when we are clueless. They work on love or romance in every sphere of life like career, family, and many more. It tells you about the near future and guides you about your next step. So, if you are bewildered about the future with a specific person or feeling something new, you can have an online tarot card reading on weastro. 

There is an endless variety of situations that numerous cards can define. Love is complicated, and so is the tarot reading. You need an expert to interpret and guide you about your cards and tell you about your love life. Nevertheless, you can acquire basic knowledge about tarot cards and their interpretations. So, here are some top tarot cards that spill tea about your love life. 

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The lovers

Every article and blog about this specific topic will prioritize the lovers card. The reason behind prioritizing the lovers card is, it is the easiest to understand. If you look at the card, you will notice two naked people and some colourful backgrounds. The two naked people indicate Adam and Eve, and the colourful background signifies the garden of Eden. The scene is before eating the forbidden apple. 

In the simplest form, the card signifies that love is coming your way. However, the naked people also signify lust. The card guides you that the new love is coming your way, but you have to pull yourself from diving into lust. 

The ten of cups

Some people want nothing but just great love and an authentic and kind partner. Feel lucky if you get the ten cup card. If you look at the card, it will automatically signify a healthy family. A couple infield with two children dancing round and a rainbow. The woman is not wearing any great clothes but seems happy. The children do not have any fancy place to enjoy themselves, so they enjoy an open field. 

The rainbow indicates happiness after a dreadful time. The family is happy. This signifies that your partner might not be monetarily robust but has everything to give you. As a couple, you might not own a luxurious life, but your love is more potent in emotions and connectivity. Your life ahead is happy, and you will have a healthy family.

Four of wands

The next step of love is commitment. The four of wands is a lucky card that signifies something big coming your way. Suppose you are in love with your partner but uncertain about their next step. Here is assurance that a wedding ring will be furbished soon on your finger. If you look at the picture, you can see a couple with bouquets in their hands and people around them. The celebration is going on. 

If you interpret the card, you can expect your wedding soon. Your partner is ready with the ring and can reach you anytime soon. So, prepare for the celebrations. 

Two of cups 

The two cups are an exciting setup. You can see two people standing with cups in their hands and exchanging them. The background has a snake type design with a red lion. The snake design is Caduceus of Hermes, an ancient symbol of balance and union. 

If you have this card, you can expect new love in your life. This new love will bring a lot more positivity and mutual respect, and love to your life. The exchange of cups indicates the mutual harmony between you and your new partner. The Caduceus of Hermes indicates union, and the red lion signifies the passion of love between the two individuals. 

The Empress

The Empress is one of the most powerful cards in the love spread. The glimpse of the picture in which a lady is resting on a red couch with red pillows, wearing a loom and crown and a baby bump. The picture has lush greenery and is giving a positive vibe.

The card shows the urge to take the turmoil of starting a family. This is good news for the couple as the Empress is a card of fertility and newborn. So if you have got the Empress, you will have a baby bump soon. 

The tower

Showing the tower card is not a good sign. The picture itself is destructive, and you can see a damaged building and people falling from it. The tower has caught fire and is almost on the verge of falling. 

The picture signifies the fall of your relationship. You might be feeling dominated or manipulated, and unfortunately, after a long struggle, the relationship has been damaged and cannot be repaired anymore. It is advised to move on. 

The closing thought

The list of tarot cards for love has many more situations. To know precisely about your situation and to get guidance, take online tarot reading. The accuracy of trait readers is unquestionable. To find the best tarot reader online, visit

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