Top Reasons To Choose Shopify As Your eCommerce Platform Provider


Shopify is one of the best platforms for your e-commerce store. Above we have seen how amazing features it provides you such as flexibility, support, efficiencies, & Security; in short, it offers you everything for your online store to convert into a successful business.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform that allows businesses to sell online with outstanding order/customer management and features that keep your customers coming back. Shopify merchants have access to thousands of trusted Shopify third-party apps from the Shopify app store – the capabilities of Shopify are continually developing by a network of expert technology partners.

This article goes through the price, features, benefits & getting started with Shopify as the e-commerce platform to power your business. If you choose Shopify you’ll be in great company with leading brands such as Gymshark, Tesla & Kylie Cosmetics all trusting the platform – believe us when we say that you won’t be disappointed.

Basic Shopify:-

At $29 per month, this lets you sell an unlimited number of products and is the most cost-effective solution if you have a large range of products.

The ‘Shopify’ Plan:-

While this is $50 more expensive, it comes with the benefits of a host of additional features. The rate charged for credit card payments is also lower, plus professional reports provide insight into your online store, making analysis and business planning easier.

Advanced Shopify:-

This is the most expensive plan of the three at $299 but does have benefits attached to it, including the lowest credit card payment rate, plus the ability for shipping to be handled by a third party. Besides, it also features an advanced report builder which allows you to customize your professional reports.

Shopify plus:-

Shopify Plus is a solution for companies with a need for an e-commerce platform that can grow with them. Its pricing starts at about $2000 per month which is a big step up from the three plans discussed above. But what do you get for your extra money? You’ll be able to enjoy a dedicated, 24-hour support team to help with your site launch. Your developers will have increased access to the Shopify system for customization, plus you have the option of two additional clone storefronts to cover different international territories.

Here are the top features of Shopify Development Services are as follows:

Secure & Reliable:-

Shopify hosts all merchant stores on its own incredibly powerful servers, you never have to worry about your store crashing with a surge of customers again. With 99.999% average uptime, Shopify has handled over 10,000 transactions per minute at its peak. Shopify can handle 1 million page views per minute & unlimited bandwidth too. In the modern age of cyber-crime, we live in, security has to be at the top of any e-commerce merchant’s priorities. Shopify has trusted security covered with PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance.

Large and diverse app store:-

The Shopify ecosystem, in a similar way to iOS and Google Play, has an app store with over 1,400 free and paid apps designed to improve the functionality of your site. Some of the tools available cover reporting, shipping, social media, customer service, stock alerts, and the ability to see how visitors interact with your site using heat-mapping, to identify ways to improve the user experience.

This flexibility is one of Shopify’s biggest strengths – not only do you have a platform on which you can build an online store and manage payments, but you also have access to a multitude of different tools to help make your business more successful. You can pick and choose the ones that are appropriate and useful to your own business, plus because the apps are all designed for and integrated into Shopify, they’re straightforward to install and get up and running, without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Flexible & Built To Scale:-

Whatever stage of your business, Shopify is an incredibly flexible platform meaning it will meet the needs of a business that is just starting up to a global brand fulfilling thousands of orders an hour. Shopify offers over 60 free and paid pre-built website themes that you can install with the click a button, you can add products and content quickly and easily. For larger brands, Shopify allows expert teams, like us, to design and build themes with custom functions, features, and user journeys. The possibilities of Shopify are truly endless meaning your e-commerce store will never hold you back.

Marketing and SEO benefits:-

The effectiveness of SEO on Shopify is a mixture of the flexibility of the software itself, combined with the marketing and SEO knowledge of the person working on the site.

Shopify has great SEO functionality available, giving you the ability to edit meta tags, add necessary tags, and place collections, products, and descriptions in an SEO-friendly way in the browser. In general, Shopify gives the store owner a good way to optimize the site’s content – but as mentioned, some understanding of SEO is required to get the most out of this.

Multi-Channel Selling:-

Shopify is built with your business in mind and allows you to sell your products in multiple places at once whilst still maintaining all inventory, order, and customer management in one place – the Shopify admin dashboard. The e-commerce platform allows you to easily sell on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Instagram, and even through a blog with its powerful multi-channel integrations. We believe it’s one of the most vital features for an e-commerce platform as it allows you to expand your reach, increase audience sizes, and maximize sales.


Shopify is one of the best platforms for your e-commerce store. Above we have seen how amazing features it provides you such as flexibility, support, efficiencies, & Security; in short, it offers you everything for your online store to convert into a successful business.

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