Top Drupal Modules You Absolutely Need For your next Drupal Project

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I assume you’ve just installed Drupal 8 on your system and now you are looking forward to getting your website up & running fast. Yes! I was also excited to use all the amazing features of Drupal 8. But before that let’s talk about Drupal 8 modules because modules are the building blocks of any great Drupal Development services.

Although, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Drupal 8 is powered by a strong open-source community that works hard to develop multiple modules that can be enhanced and extend the functionality of your Drupal website.

There are multiple modules offered by Drupal, but choosing the best modules for your website is tough and they come in three types:

Core Modules:

Every Drupal installation includes core modules like, to manage user accounts, navigation menus, make lists, grids from existing content.

Contributed Modules:

You can download a contributed modules from but excluding the Drupal core package.

Custom Modules:

Custom modules are coded specifically for individual projects.

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Let’s look over the best modules you required for your next Drupal project:


It is used to improve the default Drupal Toolbar by transforming it into a drop-down menu. It offers fast access to all administration pages. However, it’s a very light module with few downsides.


If you don’t like any modification done without your knowledge, you might like to use ContentLock. The major benefit is concurrent editing and asks if you’d like to retain any unsaved changes before logout. Plus it also provides a top-down look at all locked content across your site.


There is no doubt it is one of the most efficient modules out there. Concern to clean up your website in a hurry then Delete All is one of the prominent choice. Just one simple click and your all data will be deleted, saving your time from the pagination and scrolling process.


It is one of the most popular and strong modules for web developers specifically for tools to make debugging a bit more agile and efficient. It has many handy features for developers to work with ease, such as create dummy users, nodes, and taxonomy terms as well as easily view information about APIs, cache effectiveness, Views, database queries, etc.

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If you are the one like me, interacting with a lot of digital media every day, the Entity Browser module is best for you. It easily makes your process of creating, browsing, with utmost flexibility. You can enjoy the drag and drop feature with more than one file at once and also enhance search capabilities.


It is a query language for APIs and fulfills all the queries with existing data. In simple terms, it allows the front-end of your app to fetch content from the Drupal website and provides power to the requesting apps. It has a very simple and complete description of your APIs data including third-party clients with the power to request exactly what they required.

Webform Module

It is one of the top modules I would recommend to you because it is so versatile and essential for any website. Every website requires a form like a contact form or a survey form or a feedback form. Plus it’s a rich form builder that is easily customizable and extendable.

Through Webform, you can easily collect form data, send it to third-party apps, or even emails to admin users. It allows you to export data to spreadsheets for further analysis and a lot more services which is not possible to sum up in one article.


It is one of the best options for Photoshop creativity. It is quick and aesthetically pleasing photo enhancements that you can easily apply a mask, invert an image, shift or modify color levels, crop and scale, adjust opacity or insert a watermark to any image.


It takes care of your boring work. Well, it automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content without requiring you to manually specify the path.

Generally, when we create new content, it generates URL aliases like, “/category/my-node-title” instead of”/node/525.” These aliases are all SEO-friendly and are based upon a “pattern” system you can easily modify.

Google Analytics

It easily adds a Google analytics tracking system to your website. Plus, all features of Google Analytics can be accessed and integrated with your website. You can do domain tracking, user tracking, monitoring tracked links, monitoring downloaded files, site search, AdSense support, and much more.

Final Words:

There you have it! All the info you need to get off on the right foot with your new Drupal project. Well, I would suggest opting for Drupal Development Company as Shiv Technolabs. Pvt. Ltd. will construct a Drupal-based experience to satisfy your consumer, and industry needs with an agile development approach to deliver various types of Drupal projects.

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