Top Azure Cloud Services and Their Importance


Cloud computing gives companies the capability to rapidly increase the capacity of virtual services like computing and storage capacity the speed of. Cloud computing, originally designed as a software-as-service (SaaS) model, has drastically changed in the past 20 years. Cloud service providers that are leading have introduced new features and technologies to boost the benefits of cloud computing. Today one of the leading cloud computing providers can be found in Microsoft through their Microsoft Azure cloud services). Nearly every business has implemented a cloud-based strategy hence it is best to learn all about the Azure cloud services from the Azure Certification.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud Service?

Microsoft introduced Windows Azure on February 1 in the 1st of February, 2010 (renamed Microsoft Azure in 2014) to provide developers with tools to simplify the management of information and file storage. In the following 9 years, Microsoft Azure grew and rapidly expanded to compete with services offered by Amazon (AWS), IBM (Watson and Bluemix), and Google (Google Cloud). Today you can navigate directly to Microsoft Azure’s Microsoft Azure site and get information on the most recent features and assistance.

Microsoft Azure is a collection of over 600 services that gives teams the capability to deploy data storage as well as email and other IT solutions on a scalable scale. The design and architecture of Microsoft Azure guarantee security and security. Azure gives users instant access to the most recent technology and services required in enterprises which allows Azure cloud engineers to create complex solutions swiftly.

It’s important to remember the fact that Microsoft Azure quickly brings on the latest technologies, including its quick acceptance of Blockchain tools and services. It could take several months to set up an entirely private Blockchain network using a basic solution in 2018. However, today, Azure has a variety of tools that can allow small groups to get private Blockchain solutions in place in just a few hours.

Simplilearn provides information on Microsoft Azure often due to its growing popularity. In fact, it’s on its way towards becoming the top cloud service provider in the year 2019.

Advantages Azure Cloud Services

The aim of Azure from Microsoft Azure is to provide individuals and organizations access to tools that were previously complex and expensive to set up. For example, creating databases such as Mongo was a process that required extensive knowledge, for example, the ability to build the capacity of a Linux environment. Being able to do this was an essential aspect, and it took time to build complex services.

The advantages of Microsoft Azure can be broken into these:

  • Lower Cost
    Azure is a customized solution that lets you pay only for the services you need to use
  • More Security
    Microsoft offers the best security and data compliance privacy laws.
  • Higher Productivity
    Azure includes a variety of accelerators that facilitate the rapid deployment of solutions.
  • Global Scale
    Azure is designed so that the solutions can easily adapt from a tiny to a large scale
  • Intelligent
    Microsoft has incorporated its investment in AI into Azure to aid you in managing your network

Today, anyone has the ability to use Microsoft Azure to deploy the Mongo database on the large and scalable Linux cluster in the morning. The process of deploying and managing servers on the network has been significantly decreased, allowing more time for developers to create solutions.

Azure Cloud Services List

Microsoft provides hundreds of Azure cloud-based services, and the number is constantly growing. Cloud services offered by Microsoft can be classified into the following categories:

  • AI as well as Machine Learning
    Design solutions that incorporate the latest artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Analytics
    Collect, process, analyze, and display an array of information
  • Blockchain
    Build and Manage Blockchain-based applications With a range of integrated tools
  • Compute
    Use cloud computing capacities and scale as needed
  • Containers
    Create and manage containerized apps faster using integrated tools
  • Databases
    Help you grow rapidly and develop more quickly with enterprise-grade, secure and fully managed database services
  • Developer Tools
    Create, manage and deliver continuously cloud-based apps written using any language
  • DevOps
    Accelerate innovation by using simple and reliable tools that ensure constant delivery
  • Identity
    Control access and user identities to defend against advanced threats on devices, apps, data and infrastructure
  • Integration
    It is easy to integrate cloud and on-premises applications processes, data, and information across your business
  • Internet of Things
    Easy to integrate and manage IoT
  • Governance and Management
    Automate, simplify and improve the administration and compliance on your cloud resource
  • Media
    Provide high-quality video content
  • Mixed Reality
    Blend virtual and augmented reality solutions that blend virtual and augmented reality
  • Mobile
    Deliver advanced and scalable mobile applications and device management
  • Networking
    Connect cloud infrastructure and on-premises
  • Storage
    Cloud storage that is scalable and massively scalable for your apps, data and work
  • Web
    Develop, deploy and scale up powerful web applications swiftly and quickly and

Microsoft offers a complete description of all the current services, and you’ll notice that for each major area, there are a variety of sub-services.

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