Top Apps to Create Data Visualization for Business Data


As a businessman, you will have to go through with large number of data. It is not a straightforward thing to go through with your business data. Here, we have to make use of the data visualization. Creating data visualizations is a straightforward task for businessmen. They just need to take the data sets from the scratch. After taking these data sets, they have to create visualizations of these data sets. To plot the dots on the scatter chart, they have to spend hundreds of hours. To make this process easier, there are different data visualization tools available for business propose. These data visualization tools provide the best opportunities for businessmen to create representations of large data sets. In this article, we will discuss top apps that you can use to create the data visualization for the business data.


It is an amazing tool that has option to drag and drop that you can use for data visualization. If you are not a designer, you can still use this tool to visualize the data. You can visualize the data in the form of marketing reports, social media posts and much more. After creating the visualizations of the data, you can save these visualizations in a variety of formats. In these formats, there comes PNG, GIF and PDF. Sometimes, you will have to embed the visualizations in the websites or applications. For this reason, it is providing an option of interactive visualization to the users. If you want to embed these visualizations on the WordPress website, you can make use of its WordPress plugin.



In the begging, people were using this app to add the charts and maps in the new stories. It is providing an interactive interface for the people to create these charts and maps. After creating these charts and maps, they can easily embed them on their websites. To create the visualizations of the data, you just need to use the copy and paste technique. After importing the data in this app, you can create visualizations of this data just with the help of a single click. It is the best tool to create various kinds of data visualizations. In these data visualization types, there comes line and bar charts, scatter plots and maps etc. You can use its free plan with limited features. To use its premium plan, you will have to pay $39/month.



It is not the best app for newcomers. Anyhow, if you have enough experience in business intelligence, you can easily use it in your organization. It has a lot of data connectors. That’s why you can easily use this powerful BI tool. To provide the best user experience to the businessmen, it is also offering some solid data visualization capabilities to the users. First of all, it is the best app for a wide range of data connectors. Secondly, it has impressive sharing features. At last, you can enjoy its limitless data storage. Its user interface is not institutive for the users. That’s why it is unwelcoming for the new analysts.


Businessmen can easily use this app to build data visualization charts of their data. To make their stories stand out, they can easily render the numerical data in a visual form. It is not the prettiest tool to use for beginners. Anyhow, beginners can easily learn the functions of this tool. Most businessmen have to face problems while downloading this tool. They also face problems activating the Python script to run this tool. After downloading this tool, you just need to cut and paste the data into this tool. By using this data, it will generate interactive visualizations. You can easily use this tool to create static charts. After creating the static charts, you can easily publish the content.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Tableau is offering lots of options for the users. You can use it in the form of an app, server or hosted online version. This tool has hundreds of data import options. You can easily import the data from the CSV files to Google Ads. It is also offering lots of output options for the users. In these output options, there come multiple chart formats and colour-coded maps etc. With the help of these options, you can easily digest geographically important data. You can digest this data in the form of tables or charts. This tool is freely available for data visualization to people. Businessmen can easily use this data visualization tool in a variety of settings.


ChartBlocks is allowing businessmen to import the data from anywhere. Moreover, it is also facilitating the businessmen to import the data just with the help of few clicks. While looking for the best data visualization apps, you will find lots of apps. Most of the apps are providing automated modules or extensions for the data sources. Anyhow, it is a complex app than other apps. After importing the data, you can easily create the visualizations. This app is offering extensive customization of these visualizations. It has also a chart building wizard. The chart building wizard is helping the businessmen to pick the right data to create the right charts. It is providing the best opportunity for the designers to create any kind of chart with responsive outputs.


It is a JavaScript archive to manipulate the data. To go through with D3.js, you require a JavaScript library to manipulate the data. Therefore, you should have enough knowledge about JS to use this tool. Anyhow, if you don’t have enough programming knowledge, you can still use this tool. To utilize this library, you can use some non-programming apps. In these apps, there comes NVD3. These apps are offering reusable charts for the D3.js. Businessmen will like this tool because it is offering very powerful and customizable options to the users. To manipulate the data on this tool, you can use its various chart types. While manipulating the data, it is allowing the users to focus on the web standards. No doubt, it is the best tool for programmers to create visualizations. Anyhow, there are lots of tools that allow non-programmers to create visualizations.

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