Top 4 Shopify MultiVendor Marketplace Apps

Shopify Multivendor Services

For inviting other vendors on your site and turn it into a marketplace, then install the Shopify Multivendor Services marketplace apps on your store. A multi-vendor app helps you run your e-commerce store properly and help you to generate larger revenues.

Multi-vendor applications offer your site with the functions to offer vendors with a way to access the backend of your site, without having any control. It’s the place where vendors can add, edit and remove products from your site with ease.

Jetti Highlights:

Jetti is an application which provides you multiple services and manages your multi-vendor store very easily. You can directly order to vendor’s store and can integrate with all major platforms to make paying vendors and synchronizing inventory easier and much, much more. It provides you multi-warehouse inventory management available and lets you automate all in-house and dropshipping operations.

Can sync product inventory across vendors and more.

You can create your own dashboard and run your shop with confidence.

You can create commission and shipping rules for every individual vendor.

It provides you an automatic pay process or accounting system for manual payment.

Marketplace in a Box Highlights:

It’s a versatile application that treats every vendor differently. Here you can also set different rates of commission for multiple vendors and can even fix the rates of commission depending on the product category or a combination of both. The major benefit is you can help your vendors to grow and invite them to join your e-commerce store or on your website.

Top Features:

  • Allows for a lot of automation.
  • Is compatible with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more.
  • You can synchronize the stock between your store vendor’s site.
  • Here, your vendors will have their own dashboard for completing several tasks at once.
Shopify Store Setup

Shipturtle Highlights:

It is a new application that requires for converting a Shopify store setup into a Marketplace, at the most affordable cost. It has the great slick and intuitive UI which will ensure ease of use to vendors, although its documentation is quite comprehensive.

Top Features:

  • Vendors get professional dashboards and logins.
  • It allows you to create payment invoices on a percent based commission.
  • It provides you faster UI and bulk action buttons for tasks like emails, labels, invoices and so on.
  • Freemium product – first 100 orders are free! Unlimited products and vendors
  • Provide you great robust workflow such as Order migrations form one place to another seamlessly.
  • You can easily built-in integrations for popular shipping partners such as Bluedart to label, track, and manage your returns hassle-free.

Puppet Vendors Highlights:

It is used to manage sales, commissions, and payouts with vendors more easily. You can use the insights and analytics to build a strong store that can improve and grow. Through insights, you can determine what channels are more effective and what products are selling.

Top Features:

  • Can show vendors their sales history.
  • Can handle sales that involve multiple vendors.
  • It allows for a percent based commission on every individual vendor and product category.
  • Like rest of the applications, it also provides you an amazing dashboard to help your vendors manage their orders and products on your marketplace.


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