Tips to Become a Professional Blog Writer

Tips to Become a Professional Blog Writer

Do you want to be a writer? A writer with a name, status, and recognition? Don’t you have a medium where you can present your writing art? Don’t worry. We will tell you a solution that will enhance your art and give you recognition that can earn you both respect and money. 

Become a blog writer in this fast-paced world of the internet if you have a knack for playing with words. Blog writing is a proper marketing strategy through which businesses grow and find potential customers for their products. A blog writer creates content for a targeted audience to inform them about a brand’s services and the solutions it provides. Now, if you have a question on how to become a good blog writer, then don’t go anywhere for the next few minutes. 

In this article, we will inform you how you can become a professional blog writer.

Pathway to Start a Professional Blog Writing Career

To be a professional blog writer, you can’t write on topics of your choice or liking. Instead, you must follow a specific pattern to grab the audience’s attention. Following are key points to remember while starting a professional blog writing career.

Conduct A Proper Market Research

Before jumping into the market as a professional writer, do strong market research to find the gap and a niche where the chances of your success are higher. Try to pick a domain where there is not much competition already because, as a new writer, you can’t match expert level. Other than that, do try to choose a field that matches your interests. This will make the writing process exciting and easier for you. Moreover, try to read a lot of stuff on different kinds of topics to figure out the right choice for yourself. This will not only provide you with a deep insight into market dynamics but also enlighten you about the patterns that are usually followed in writing blogs.

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Select Intriguing Topics and Craft Strong Punchlines

Once you are done with the market research, try to trace some exciting and key topics that would attract more audience. To stay relevant to the market, choose some general topics instead of focusing on specific aspects of a business field. Afterward, you must derive some captivating and attractive headlines for your topics. Also, create hook points and taglines to hit customers’ attention directly.

If you can’t do so, you can seek help from a paraphrasing tool. Using a paraphrase tool, you can create new topics and punchlines by simply picking some topics from the web, and the tool will rewrite the topic and give a new look. Consequently, you will get a rough idea of deriving new headlines. Afterward, you can easily have new and enthralling topics to write on by making some changes and adding your creativity.

Pen Down Your Ideas

After deciding your topics and crafting your headlines, start writing down your thoughts. Your content must be free of any kind of duplication. Your article should have proper headings like introduction, details, pros and cons, conclusion portion, etc. Moreover, stay connected with your topic throughout, and don’t beat the bush.

As a young blog writer, it is a moral obligation to come up with your own flair and aura of writing. A unique standing will make you distinctive among others. There are three basic components that must be engraved in your article. These are attention, interest, desire, and action. Attention is a punchline that hits customers high in less than a second, the interest portion includes a strong emphasis on the central details about the topic, and the desired part shows the advantages of going through your article.

Design A Breath-Taking Content Structure

This is another crucial aspect to remember at the initial stages of your career as a blog writer. If your presentation of the content and formatting is not fascinating, people won’t pay much attention, irrespective of how beautifully you penned down a particular topic. To get an idea of some absorbing structures, you must study the blogs of top blog writers. However, don’t try to copy others’ styles and formats completely. 

Proofread Your Content 

After finishing the writing and structuring of your article, proofread your content. While doing this, try to fix all kinds of mistakes and remove errors from your writing. If you are not good at editing, you can get help from online tools like Grammar checker, etc. A Grammar checker will help you remove grammatical and structural mistakes from your content. 

Ensuring uniqueness is also part of proofreading. You must ensure your blog content is unique or not. You can check plagiarism of your content through a plagiarism checker. It will identify whether your content is unique or copied. So by doing so you will be able to make your content unique. 


The graph of content marketing is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the number of opportunities for writers is more than ever to grow rapidly at a brisk pace. That’s why blog writers can get enough recognition if they ace themselves with the right kind of skills. We hope that this article has provided you with a clear outline to follow to become a professional blog writer.

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