A Roadside Bomb Kills Sargent Major Steve Deweese

Spc Deweese

A roadside bomb killed spc Deweese, a Sargent Major in the United States Marine Corps. We remember his passion for being out on the water, fishing, yard work, and his love for the New York Yankees. He served for 43 years.

spc deweese was killed in a roadside bomb blast

During a June 2007 roadside bomb blast, spc DeWeese was on patrol with his platoon when he was struck. The blast took place in an area of northeast Baghdad that was surrounded by Shiite neighborhoods and had suffered sectarian violence. The platoon, 1st Platoon, 554th Military Police Company, was in Iraq to help train Iraqi police officers. The unit lost 31 soldiers during its deployment to Iraq, and five of them were killed in a Bradley located two blocks east of DeWeese’s position.

He was a Marine Corps veteran who loved being on the water, fishing, and yard work. His favorite sports team was the New York Yankees. Deweese was killed in an explosion caused by a roadside bomb. His family and friends remember him fondly as a friend.

he was a Sargent Major

Sargent Major Steve Deweese was a native of Putnam County, West Virginia. After graduating from Poca High School in 1984, he enlisted in the United States Army. After serving four years on active duty, he enlisted in the West Virginia Army National Guard. During his time in the military, he earned several medals. Most importantly, he was awarded the Legion of Merit.

Sergeant Major Parker was promoted to his current rank on December 23, 2015. He checked into the 2d Battalion 7th Marines in February 2016 and served as Company F, First Sergeant. His battalion deployed twice in 2016, in support of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force Central Command. On June 28, 2021, Sergeant Major Parker reported to the Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay as the commanding officer of a squadron.

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he was a Marine Corps veteran

During his time in the Marine Corps, spc Deweese earned his Purple Hearts for his service during World War II. A dedicated outdoorsman, he enjoyed working in his yard and fishing. He also loved his team, the New York Yankees. After serving for 43 years in the Marine Corps, he retired as a Sargent Major.

In his final days, he was killed by enemy fire. Despite his death, his heroic actions threw the enemy’s attack into chaos and allowed more Marines to organize their defense. Newlin is still remembered by many, especially those in his hometown of Wellsville, Indiana. His name is also associated with a Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory housed in Newlin Hall at Quantico, Virginia. And a section of highway between Wellsville and East Liverpool, Ohio, is named in his honor.

he was a Humvee driver

Spc Deweese, a Humvee driver for the United States Marine Corps, was killed in a June 2007 blast in Iraq. He was 22 years old and had been on tour for a year. He was part of a platoon that was deployed to train Iraqi police. He had a fondness for the outdoors and enjoyed fishing. He also loved the New York Yankees.

The Humvee, or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, is a family of light four-wheel-drive military trucks and utility vehicles. It is the replacement of the jeep, which was introduced during the Vietnam War. Its four-wheel drive, 16 inches of ground clearance, and waterproof electronics make it an all-terrain vehicle. It has been adopted by numerous other countries and is now used for a variety of different tasks.

he was in support of Schweinfurt’s 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment

Spc Deweese was a member of the 16th Infantry Regiment, which broke into Marigny, France, in support of the 1st Battalion, 26th infantry regiment. On 28 July 1918, the unit pushed towards Coutance, France. He was killed in a blast. He was an avid outdoorsman, who loved hunting and fishing.

In the early 1960s, the 1st Battalion, 26th served as a battle group in Europe, attached to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division. They were reassigned to the 2nd Infantry Division on 15 February 1963, and the 1st Infantry Division reorganized on 13 January 1964.

The 26th Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the Blue Spaders, was a part of the U.S. Army Regimental System. Its 1st Battalion was assigned to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

The battalion accounted for four hundred and twenty-six enemy soldiers killed in Vietnam. The battalion had a mission to move into a semi-populated area and destroy enemy support areas.

After the training mission was completed, the 1st Battalion returned to Afghanistan to continue its mission in the MiTT (Multinational Combined Arms Training) program. They served in different regions of the country, including Camp Dobol, Camp McGovern, Camp Demi, and Camp Comanche.

Spc Deweese’s regiment was consolidated with the 1st Battalion, 26th infantry. The regiment was permanently stationed at Plattsburg Barracks in the early 1930s. The 16th Infantry had been in support of Schweinfurt’s first Battalion since February 1901. He was the only surviving regiment in the regiment to capture a main objective on the first day of the Meuse-Argonne campaign.

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