Social Media Lifehack Tips and Tricks Videos become a life lesson

Social Media Lifehack Tips and Tricks Videos become a life lesson.png

We see a lot of life hack videos on Facebook, and YouTube nowadays. Some are about using a product in multiple ways some are about making your regular work easier. Some of them are very useful and some are just unnecessary. Though we don’t do the things that are shown in the video most of the time sometimes we do some of the easy ones for fun or to see if the hack really works.

We all know about TikTok. It is a video-sharing social media platform. A lot of people make short video clips of them doing many things like singing, dancing, and mimicry. Recently we can see a lot of life hack videos on TikTok getting popular. Among the life hack videos, there was one that became viral in TikTok. It’s a radiator cleaning hack. Many people sharing their experiences with the hack. But this hack results in an explosion in someone’s house.

Lets s get into details.

In the life hack video they are using Fabulous-(is a cleaning spray used to clean surfaces, kitchen utensils, bathrooms, and glass) to clean radiator grills. So, a woman in the UK followed the life hack video and tried to clean her radiators which result in an explosion leaving her house windows destroyed and burned ankles.

She posted a warning in TikTok that no one should use the shock can for radiator cleaning and shared her experience to warn everyone. More than 14,000 people saw her post. In this Covid-19 situation tiktok , whats app, Facebook users also very much interested viral riddle like State Without An A and many other jokes or tiktok videos.

Now, there might be a question about how did this turn into an explosion while a lot of other people did that and did not happen anything to them.

According to Dr. Neal Rimmer- a scientific advisor, the reason for the explosion is the product used for cleaning contains chemicals that are highly flammable. The product used here is Fabulous cleaning spray which contains propane, ethanol, and butane. These are some highly flammable chemicals. Products containing these chemicals should be kept in a place that is far from any kind of heat or hot surface and fire.

Butane and Propane can settle in a low ventilated area as both chemicals are dense than air which poses a great risk of explosion. Only one spark of fire is enough to make an explosion.

So other people that used the same life hack without any problem we can only say that they were lucky. It could have exploded like this incident or it could have been worse.

In the UK, radiators are mostly installed under windows so if you follow the hack your one might turn out the way it happened to the victim.

As for the response from Fabulous, someone from Fabulous talked about the incident. They said that the importance of the customer’s health and safety is of the utmost to them and they also contacted customers concern to start the investigation.

The packaging of the Fabulous product contains the instruction of where and how the product can be used and restrictions about what not to do with this product and many others. So, the product has all the safety regulations that it should have.

The product packaging contains the warning that the product should be kept away from heat and or any sources that may produce heat as the product has flammable chemicals in it.

The life hack videos are not bad there are a lot of life hacks that make our life easy. There are a lot of life hacks that are actually used in other countries or cultures that now we can also use and get to know each other. These life hacks also make people creative as they saw others do things in a unique way and they start to invent their own version or share the ones they already know.

Though life hacks are best not all of them are necessary and there are some that everyone can’t do. While people try to do some life hacks that they have poor knowledge about turns out in a bad way resulting in breaking or wasting the product.

If you are trying to follow life hack video that uses products containing chemicals or electronic devices then always read the instruction that comes along with the product. See where you can use it and can’t use it. Because they’re a lot of products that contain things that if you don’t follow the instruction might turn into a disaster.

So be careful in your life and hope you have a good day.

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