Reasons why the CodeIgniter MVC framework is better than other PHP Frameworks?

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What Makes CodeIgniter Most Preferred Framework?

For starters, the CodeIgniter frames comprise many outstanding capabilities to provide magnificent performance in a short time. CI framework comes with great features and it adopts the MVC, which makes it very easy to use and expand on.

• Setting up the CodeIgniter framework is not tedious and difficult.

• CI comprises amazing utilities so that CI developers don’t need to be dependent on command line for adding those utilities.

• Compare to rest of the frameworks it provides ease of web and software development

Let’s dive into the reasons why the CodeIgniter MVC framework is better than other PHP Frameworks?


CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework. It makes the programming and development process easy.

Reliable Framework

It provides you attributes so that experienced PHP developers can build PHP based website with no hassle.

Faster Execution Time

CI provides you a faster development time for executing the project on time.

In-built Security Function

The CI has an in-built security function that helps PHP developers to keep data confidential.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the plus point is, CI has a user-friendly interface. It guides developers to code with no unnecessary complexity found in other PHP frameworks.

Less Coding Requirement

CI has fewer coding requirements and offers you custom Best PHP CodeIgniter development Service to businesses.

No PHP Version Issue

Fun fact; PHP developers don’t have to worry about the latest version or every update, because every function in CodeIgniter comes with a wrapper.

Easy Error Handling

As a developer, the enormous concern is to manage the bugs and run the code flawlessly. So, with CI you can manage errors or bugs easily.

Convenient Template Solutions

CI offers you a convenient template solution so you don’t have to think much about the designing part. All you have to think about is content to add on and opt for the best PHP CodeIgniter Development Company.

Cache Class Available

One of the major benefits CI provides you is the Cache class, we click any option in the web development project, and we can find the results from the cache class without complete execution of code.

Community Support

If you are a CI developer, then you are welcome to join the popular community and get support from it. Here CI development experts share their knowledge to resolve the issue.

Huge Libraries Set

CodeIgniter has its sets of pre-defined libraries that make it robust and prominent for web development. Besides, logical structure is available to access the library.

Precise Documentation

If you are a CI user, then you can think out of the box with the help of Precise Documentation.

Apart from above reason let’s have a look over the key features and benefits of CodeIgniter web development:

· It offers great Form and Data Validation

· They base it on strong MVC Architecture

· It provides you Search-engine Friendly URLs

· You will get Active Record Database Support

· Extensive library of “helper” functions what else you need.

· The major benefit it Support for Hooks and Class Extensions

· Through CI you can remove unnecessary libraries and scale down server response time.

· As we have discuss this point above CI keep your site safe from the external theft.

· PHP CodeIgniter provides you Inbuilt Tool Package to enhance your Site Handling.

Final Thoughts:

From the above, we know that PHP CodeIgniter is an all-around framework that helps rapid web development with MVC architecture. Shiv Technolabs Pvt. ltd provides you CodeIgniter Development Services that can be the best option to progress with your developing business. 

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