Reasons to Why Developers Prefer LightningChart .NET from Arction

lightining chart

Developers commonly use charts in many web and application development projects. LightningChart .NET is a popular charting control among developers today. Developed by Arction, LightningChart offers the fastest 2D and 3D data visualization SDK for WinForms, WPF, and UWP. Developers will get more than 100 interactive charts with this charting library. LightningChart comes with charting controls for various industries. For example, developers will find suitable charts for finance and economics, engineering, research, space and defense, medical imaging, trading, and other industries. In the following section, you can find some of the reasons why developers prefer using LightningChart .NET.

GPU Accelerated Performance

LightningChart from Arction assures top-notch performance. It is a GPU accelerated charting control. Hence, developers will find the smooth performance of the charting control. Complex 3D charts will load easily without wasting time. Developers use charts to represent a large amount of data. With the increasing size of the data, charts become slow to load. As a result, the development process becomes slow. Nevertheless, the performance of the website or application turns sluggish. LightningChart .NET is a powerful data visualization SDK, which can represent a large amount of data with minimal delays and flickering.

Arrays of 2D and 3D Charts-

LightningChart developed by Arction comes with a wide range of 2D and 3D charts. Application developers have to produce apps for different industries. If you are building an application for business and finance, you may need to incorporate charts into the project. Representing complex data through charts can help you to create apps that provide a better user experience. For better user experience, developers use both 2D and 3D charts in their application development projects. With LightningChart .NET, you will find charts for different industries. Some of those industries are banking and finance, trading, defense, engineering, research, space technology, etc.


Every developer wants to lower down the cost of their application development project. Hence, they look for the resources that come at a low cost. When it comes to using charting controls, cheap charting controls do not provide seamless performance. Moreover, the charting library has to be enriched with various types of charts. LightningChart .NET comes at an affordable cost. At the same time, it provides top-notch efficiency. Hence, developers can attain cost-effectiveness with LightningChart .NET developed by Arction Ltd

Multiple Signal Tools

With LightningChart, developers can find multiple signal tools. The presence of different signal tools makes the development process easier. For example, the charting library comes with a signal tool named as SignalReader. Developers can obtain real-time data streams with SignalReader. Moreover, SignalReader makes signal files available in different formats. LightningChart .NET offers five top-quality signal tools. These tools are Signal Reader, Audio Output, Audio Input, Spectrum Calculator, and Signal Generator.

High-Class Rendering Technology

Developers prefer Lightning Chart for its top-quality rendering support. For powerful and seamless rendering DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 support is there. You can obtain automatic software render with WARP. It does not require graphics hardware or virtual machines. LightningChart runs flawlessly on both 64-bit and 32-bit modes. Anti-aliasing options of this charting library are controllable. Additionally, developers will obtain HiDPI scaling support with this charting library.

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