Pros and Cons of Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing

 In the past couple of years, social media have done to a very gigantic platform that is used by people to market and promote their business.  One can consider social media marketing as an approach that involves the use of a social media platform to boost the profit margin of a brand.  Common popular examples of social media platforms in the world today are Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and so on.

Which be a steady increase in the need for social media marketing, a lot of advantages and disadvantages have been uncovered. More and more brands indulge in the use of social media to promote their businesses. Some good to social media for PPC advertisements, others go to use social media influencers to boost their brands. But whatever it is every good thing has a bad side.  And that is what you’re going to be looking at in the course of this article.

If the best practices are followed for a social media marketing strategy, it will prove successful and yield tangible results for a brand. The principle of failure is capable of implementing anything that is successful.  This is why your brand must never follow the bandwagon and jump without preparation into social media marketing.  Your company needs to do tangible research that will keep them well informed about everything they need to know in regards to the best social media marketing strategies in vogue. Without further mouthing, here are the pros and cons of social media marketing.


1. Time-consuming:

This can be regarded as one of the biggest disadvantages of social media marketing for any brand. This is so because without tangible preparation a brand cannot come up with the best results in its social media marketing strategy. Imagine spending too much time freshening online pages with content that is going to be used to keep your audience engaged.

This practice requires a lot of research and time consumption. Social media marketing for any brand involves the timely response to pain points of audiences who are prospects and leads to your Brand’s product solution.

2. Long time on ROI:

ROI which is also known as return of investment is what every brand regards as the fruit of their labor. For most brands, it is all about improving the customer base, while for others it is all about getting more conversions from an engaged audience. There are also other brands that are only interested in traffic which will make their SEO efforts fruitful.

Also depending on what the marketing objective of the brand is, social media marketing usually takes a long time to recover the early investment proceeds.

This is why startup brands should be careful when making early investments. The reason for this is that the profit margin that can be accrued from social media marketing takes time to manifest.

3. Risk of negative publicity:

As social media marketing is a powerful tool for putting your brand in front of customers, it can also be the same force that will bring negative impact to your business.  Anytime you boost your brand online you are also exposing it to new threats.  There are lots of unscrupulous elements that have the intention to make your plans become a failure. Most of them go as far as making negative comments even when they have zero ideas of the product solution of your brand.

 If you set up the best team and use the best software tools you can manage negative publicity that can bring damage to the reputation of your business.

4. Loss of control:

Loss of control is something that is very common with social media marketing. If you have a customer that was dissatisfied with the brand or an employee that has a force with your company they can bring negative imagery.  And most of the time this can be difficult to control.

5. Dilutes brand voice:

 In a scenario where a brand has more than one individual that is handling social media interaction, there can be a scenario where there is a mixture of Voices. This is not usually good because every well-organized brand should have one voice on social media.

 With a mixture of Voices prospects and leads of a brand might be confused and this will lead to loss of confidence in the brand.

6. Competition

Social media is not a one-man business. it is a very crowded online community of different competitive brands that are saying similar things with similar products.  About 88% of United States companies make use of social media marketing. This should tell you that you don’t have to get a unique technique for creating compelling content that will beat the competition.

7. Constant Monitoring

Social media advertising is an approach that requires constant monitoring for any brand owner period and just as you should already know, he is as precious as money.  To be able to engage successfully with leads and prospects, you need to be able to answer that feedback consistently with the right content templates. In this practice, you also need to designate a significant portion of time each week the monitor your ad copies and how they are performing.

8. Education

 The truth is that there is no shortcut to a successful social media marketing campaign.  Even if you are a Savvy digital marketer there is still much that you do not know about paid advertising on social media. Even if you know the best practices for making posts that are compelling, you might still miss out on the psychology of marketing that is needed for the success of every social media campaign.

Every digital marketer that wants to Delve into a marketing scheme for a brand must be educated.


1. Low cost:

As there are disadvantages to social media marketing, there are also advantages to it. One of the short advantages is that social media marketing has a low cost of indulgence.  Even other forms of traditional marketing are also easy to access.  Most of the social media platforms that are mostly used for social media marketing are free to join. The only time you can be proved to spend money on social media is when you want to get a sizable profit.

2. Big audience:

Another interesting advantage of social media marketing for Brands is that it has a large audience. Promoting your business on social media gifts you the chance to reach out the minions of prospects and leads.  As most traditional forms of advertising cater to a predetermined audience there is no limitation to the audience you can get from social media marketing.

3. Fast:

If your brand is looking for a very fast way to reach an audience that has potential customers: social media is the go-to platform.  Social media marketing a brand can get fast results that can be visible to a lot of audiences that has prospects and Lads scattered all over the world.  The best practice for getting quick results in social media is to always link your social media accounts to your Brand’s website. This way you can always get fast results.

4. Interaction:

 Truth is a very important part of every business.  Boots social media marketing you can establish brand trust with your customers. Your prospects and leads can use social media to express their pain points, communicate their fears and even develop a long-term relationship that will yield results for your business. 

5. Brand loyalty:

The more there is good interaction between a brand and a customer, the more comfortable the customer will become. Most of these customers end up promoting a brand without their consent.

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