Different Ways to Style Your Pleated Skirt

pleated skirt

pleated skirt

We all like to look fashionable. The way we style ourselves reflects our personality to others. Some of us tried very hard to look our best but didn’t end up well due to some fashion blunders or by mismatching clothes and accessories. Many different types of outfits can take your styling game to another level. Pleated skirts are one of them. 

Pleated skirts such as Animal print pleated skirts are a major trendy clothing outfit these days. Women of all tastes prefer them for they are versatile. Also, pleated skirts are light and airy, making them a convenient choice during Summers and Springs. 

A pleated skirt is a type of outfit that can make your personality shine, but it can also ruin your entire look if paired with the wrong tops and blouses. There are a variety of styles and designs to choose from for every woman. Whether you are attending an office meeting or going for a brunch date, pleated skirts are always a smart choice. Different factors such as volume of the skirt, length of the skirt, type of fabric used, type of pleats are some of the major factors to consider while looking for a good pleated skirt. If you are struggling to choose the right kind of pleated skirt for you, then these tips on how to style different pleated skirts might help you.

1- Pair it with a graphic T-shirt 

Graphic T-shirts are trendy clothing pieces that help you to express your personality through your outfit. Graphic T-Shirts are comfortable to wear and commonly paired with jeans or pants. However, they give a very vibrant and cool look when paired with a Pleated Skirt such as an Animal pleated skirt. The combination of pleated skirt with graphic T-shirt gives you a casual and feminine look. You can experiment with this

 style by pairing it with different types of shoes for other occasions.

2- Choose Outfits according to body type

It is of utmost importance to always choose your pleated skirt according to your body type. There are a variety of pleated skirts available with different kinds of designs and fabrics. A

 skirt that looks good on your friend might not look good on you. Selecting the skirt according to your body type will help you in styling as per your personality. This will help you recognize your style and make you feel more confident.

3- Pair it with leather jackets

Leather jackets are the most versatile piece of clothing which goes well with any outfit. It not only looks classy and fashionable but also enhances the look of your outfit. You just cannot go wrong by pairing your leather jacket with a nice pleated skirt. If you like black colour, then matching your black pleated skirt with a black leather jacket gives you a  classy look. The leather jackets also keep you warm during the chilly winter season. You can always play around with different color combos to see what matches best with your style.

4- Pair it with accessories

An accessory completes the overall look of your outfit. No outfit is complete without pairing it with an accessory. Accessories like sunglasses and handbags give your pleated skirt a minimalistic yet modernized look. Matching a good handbag with your pleated skirt makes it look trendy and eye-catching. 

5- Make use of Layering 

Layering is the new fashion trend that is here to stay. You cannot imagine completing your wardrobe collection without adding a nice jacket or shirt for layering. Layering is a casual way of dressing that makes you look more fashionable. If you want to catch the attention of everyone around you, then layering your pleated skirt with a matching jacket, denim jackets, or cardigans is always a smart choice. Pleated skirts, when layered, are both convenient and comfortable to wear. 

Final words 

Pleated Skirts are the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing for you. Whether you need an outfit for your office meetings or lunch dates, pleated skirts are the ultimate option. They come in a variety of designs. It is pivotal to know how to make the best out of them. They are convenient to pair with different dresses like Layla dress to give them a unique and classy look. 

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