Perfume Shop Birmingham – Why Is Oud Fragrance So Expensive?

Perfume Shop Birmingham

Perfume Shop Birmingham

It’s powerful; it’s musky and sensual to the point of being animalistic. Some people adore it, while others find it revolting. We’re not talking about durian, the popular but pungent Southeast Asian fruit, but Oud, one of the most costly natural perfume ingredients on the planet. The Perfume Shop Birmingham offers both genders a great assortment of fragrances and gift bundles. Perfumes can be gift wrapped and shipped anywhere in the UK on request.

Everyone requires beauty products, and many people can’t live without them. One of those essentials is the scent. Nobody wants to go out and buy the things they need because of the global pandemic. However, thanks to advancements in technology, everyone now understands how simple it is to shop online. It makes no difference whether the doormats or the perfumes are required. They can go to the internet and purchase the scents that they choose.

On the other hand, a person new to this strategy wants to buy perfume but doesn’t know much about it or buy a scent they haven’t smelled. They should go to the best and most well-known Perfume Shop Birmingham and check out their web store to see what kind of scents they have to offer their consumers. Birmingham’s perfume shops offer an up-to-date collection of fragrance brands at great discounts, ready to be gifted or enjoyed as a special treat for yourself.

The Fragrance Shops’ Birmingham range has everything from the deep and masculine to the refreshing and sweet; either you’re seeking the hottest aftershave or a unique perfume scent. All big-name labels are represented, including Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, and Marc Jacobs.

To Begin With, What Is It And Where Do It Come From?

The Oud, commonly known as Agarwood, is a rare resin associated with Middle Eastern perfumes. This scent brings to life overwhelming aromas with robust and vivid scents.

The Oud is made from trees of the genus Aquilaria, which belongs to the Thymelaceae family that a mold called phialophora parasitica has infected. The tree responds by generating aromatic resin, which is commonly referred to as “liquid gold.” In this method, the wood is kept safe. The wood’s resinous heart changes from soft and odorless to dark and fragrant to prevent mold growth. As the infection spreads from the stem to the roots, the tree turns a dark brown or black.

Workers chop the contaminated trunk parts into tiny flakes, which are then utilized to extract the resin. They soak the chips in water for a few days before using them and allow them to dry for two or three days. Finally, they use various methods to extract the resin, allowing them to acquire other higher-quality oils. The result is an essential oil with a woody, enveloping aroma, while the residual wood can be used to manufacture incense by drying it. Both the resin-saturated wood (Agarwood) and the oil produced from it are referred to as “Oud.” Because of its scarcity, Oud is extremely expensive; according to some estimates, only around two percent of wild agar trees yield it. The most refined form of Oud, according to experts, originates from the ancient trees, which are even rarer.

Why So Expensive?

Oud is a smidgeon of fragrant opulence! The agar tree is regarded as one of the most valuable timbers on the planet, with a market worth of an estimated £5 billion! Unfortunately, CITES has designated it as a possibly endangered species (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). As a result, agar trees are being produced in other parts of the world to meet demand. However, these plants may have a different aroma.

What Does Oud Smell Like?

Oud has a warm, woody aroma, as you might imagine. As a result, Perfume Shop Birmingham isn’t for cowards!  You may also sense a tinge of moisture in its aroma, as well as a pleasant smokiness. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out.

The Oud Cultures

The Oud is commonly used in the East to get closer to God when it comes to prayer. It is also known as “the wood of the Gods” in the Scriptures. For a long-lasting effect, Saudi Arabians employ both incense and oil in their ceremonies. Oud Perfume in religious contexts is significant as Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists primarily use it during religious rites. Many individuals also scent their attire, exposing them to the smoke of burning wood.

The Oud Qualities

As soon as you smell the Oud, you’re hooked. Several subtleties to its woody smell range from sweet to earthy, with hints of leather and spices. Resin extraction relies on the type of tree that generates it and on the extraction technique utilized.

Your memory will be engraved with its unique and intriguing aroma. There’s a distinct scent to Oud wood, and it’s typically blended with floral elements. Unquestionably, it’s a scent that conjures sheer elegance and exclusivity. It is also renowned as the ‘Thousand and One Nights Perfume’ because of its fragrance.

The Oud and its essential oil are extremely valuable and rare and have great success in the fragrance industry. This product has a long-lasting effect on the skin. Since it’s regarded as the most precious component in artisan perfumery, many today employ Oud to create specific perfumes.

Perfume Shop’s Oud Aromas

Willing to give it a go? Check them out and decide for yourself.

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