Pattern And Criteria For IELTS Examination

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IELTS examination is taken by those individuals who are interested to study and work in abroad. This is the main examination that everyone has to clear and get good scores to be able to fulfil the eligibility criteria. IELTS examination is not only taken by students but also individuals who want to settle abroad and work there as per their area of expertise. Irrespective of nationality, gender, colour, or age, anyone can apply for this examination. IELTS examination is conducted by keeping in mind the four bases – listening, reading, writing and speaking part. The former three based tests are done back-to-back in a single day itself. While the speaking part is done within a week, it can be scheduled before or after the listening, reading or writing exam. To be able to learn about the criteria and how can one get good scores in this examination, various IELTS training institutions have been initiated. Now, there is also an availability of best IELTS training online classes, where the individual can learn about all the basics and advance keynotes of IELTS. 

Let us know about the four sections of the IELTS examination in detail: – 

The IELTS listening section takes about half an hour, and extra ten minutes are provided so that the students can write down the answers on answer sheets. You are given four recordings to hear by native speakers. All the questions in this listening examination will be based upon the conversations. It will help the authorities to know whether the individual can understand the logics or factual information.

  • Reading section

The reading section of IELTS will take about an hour. It comprises forty questions. A wide range of questions will test that how smart the individual is to understand the main ideas, logical arguments, purpose and opinions. 

  • Writing section 

The topics are of general interest in this section. It also takes about 60 minutes. Diagrams like pie charts, graphs, tables are given, and the individual is asked to summarise it in the best possible way. The understanding power of the individual can be tested in this section. You are also asked to write an essay to explain and put forward your opinion or argument. A situation is also provided in this section, where the individual has to jot down a letter for the same. 

  • Speaking section 

This is all about a confidence check and how much fluency can the individual speakers. General questions regarding your name, family, age, studies, hobbies are asked. A card is chosen thereafter, and you are asked to put forward your views about the same. Questions related to the chosen topics are asked at the end. 

So, these are the four sections that the IELTS examination consists of. All four sections carry the importance of their own and it is important to score well in every section. There are best IELTS online courses in India where all the above listed four sections are taught. All the details regarding how to speak, how to answer confidently, how to explain yourself in gist, are taught by such institutions. It is very important to undergo training before appearing for such examinations. To score good, you need undergo proper training.

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