The patient’s perspective has drastically increased in value to modern healthcare as the patient’s journey from diagnosis to highly personalized treatment becomes more complex and thus requires a better understanding of the patient. 

Healthcare providers’ efforts to move toward more personalized patient care are evident in these challenges and opportunities. This white paper aims to provide greater context on how NetBaseQuid can assist providers with meeting these demands by providing the knowledge they need to uncover relevant information, data, and insights that help them personalize care according to their patients’ needs.

For a patient journey, healthcare providers must continuously monitor the patient’s status and social networks to provide personalized patient care. Health information must be immediately available and shared. Knowing how to act on this data is critical to enabling healthcare providers to plan proactively for their patient’s treatment and care.

NetBaseQuid is designed to harvest relevant information from across the web. From social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogs, news websites, and more, NetBaseQuid gathers insights by searching content from across the web using a social media intelligence engine. The data collected is then organized into a semantically-rich and searchable database, which can be explored and mined for the insights needed to provide highly personalized patient care.

In healthcare, there are two sets of patients: the individual who goes in for treatment and the group of people that go in for their friends’ treatment. Other people called ‘friends’ may not precisely qualify as patients themselves but are interested in an individual’s health status, which ultimately might impact their health. From diagnosis to treatment, NetBaseQuid helps healthcare providers monitor not just the actual patient (the one getting care) but also all others that have been affected by that patient’s illness or condition.

The significant advantages of this model that healthcare providers gain from NetBaseQuid’s use are:

NetBaseQuid allows healthcare providers to proactively explore patients’ health and treatment journeys on a web-based platform. The power of the semantic web is its ability to make new connections between different information, data, and content sources. Social networks, blogs, news, and media sites, are sources that connect various types of information and can provide valuable insights into health status.

The possibilities for mining social media will continue to grow as the industry begins to recognize the value of mining social media and other networking sites for patient insight. NetBaseQuid presents an opportunity for healthcare providers to take advantage of social media as a means of mining patient information. The ability to mine these types of nebulous, ever-changing forms of communication will provide significant benefits for healthcare providers.

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Social networks have become the most popular way for people to talk about and share information. They are a fantastic source of health and social data that can be harvested by healthcare personnel, allowing them to proactively monitor the patient’s health status and others who may be affected by that patient’s situation. An excellent example is a recent article in The Wall Street Journal: “How Patients Are Turning to Facebook and Twitter to Keep Themselves and Others Well.”

NetBaseQuid’s Semantic Search technology allows healthcare providers and researchers, who create lists of particular keywords that they want all patients receiving or undergoing treatment for, to find anyone on the Internet accessing those specific terms. NetBaseQuid provides health care professionals with a list of all these people that may be affected by their patients’ diseases and treatment. NetBaseQuid considers any person who has published content on any website mentionable by a keyword, which can be updated as needed.

A patient journey from diagnosis to treatment is more complex and requires a better understanding of the patient. NetBaseQuid provides a holistic view of a patient’s health status, which will help healthcare providers respond more effectively to their patient’s needs. With its social media intelligence engine, NetBaseQuid provides healthcare providers with valuable insights about their patients and those affected by their disease or condition. 


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